Question pertaining to Crossbow + Armor Leveling

    • Question pertaining to Crossbow + Armor Leveling


      I was leveling my Xbow solo with Boltcaster and a PVP setup I want to eventually max out. Was going slower then I liked so I switched to Royal Cowl, 1hXbow + Muisak, Druid Robe, Assassin Boots for CD cooldown (and seems good boot choice to max for other content). My current setup would probably be considered selfish in group content but since 90% of my PvE leveling is done solo its fine.

      Is this going to be more efficient, getting my PVE setup to 100 and then using fame credits to distribute to my preferred PVP setup? I'm mostly playing with the idea of PVPing later down the road but I want to get my spec up first. It seems my PvE experience is a lot more efficient and i'm actually using all my skills now prior to before where they weren't all necessary or even useful for most situations.

      Thanks for any input.