Corrupted Needs More PvP / less dead time between

    • Corrupted Needs More PvP / less dead time between

      You guys missed the boat some here on what was your best chance for streaming content (I am not one so this is not in self interest). I am not sure what the current logic is for taking random x minutes to even get a fight only to be compounded by needing to spend 5-10 minutes clearing a PvE dungeon before you can queue for the next after an invasion. Why not allow pop ups after invasion to immediately allow the player a choice to jump back in invade queue again if so desired? How about immediately porting to final boss area with chest open for loot / next portal up upon a successful kill? Just a few things you can do to limit the excessive dead time between fights that still exists today. Please consider a way for people looking for PvP to get more frequent/consistent opportunities for fights. Many fight encounters are wasted by shard breakers. Hopefully the fight time gaps is being looked at? @Obelis

      the best option is simply to fill the infamy bar after a succesful invasion so people have the option to do a pause or cleaning the dungeon for chests or fight the boss for loot and next invasion
      if the invasion is interrupted by shard breakers instead i suggest to put the invader in queque again