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      Part of running guilds/alliances is redistributing resources to help the group operate better overall. A guild pay system would be a valuable tool to helping keep all members of the guild properly supplied. As it is now, regearing programs run by alliances/guilds have to be done in person and manually, which is tedious and prone to errors, the ability for a guild to simply offer a salary to members so that everyone can have basic gear would help cut down on this paper pushing. In Black Desert, guilds could offer guild pay that members could claim by clicking a button each day, so new players or those who needed it could have access to a source of supply, but more well off players who didn't need it could abstain to help preserve the guild funds. Thoughts on implementing a similar system to Albion? Albion's economy and mass pvp is great from a gameplay perspective, but it seems to be a bit shallow in terms of the UI tools needed to help maintain the logistics of running the hundreds, sometimes thousands of player strong organizations, and I think a guild payout system would be a step in the right direction.
    • Or make a npc/market type station in HO's (lvl3) and guild islands (level ?) that guild leaders could stock with pre-layed out sets, Like he could make a row for healers, and it could be stocked with 50 fallens, 50 clerics, ect. then row two would be for say a tank stocked with 50 soulsycles 50 cams, 50 demon chests, 50 guardains chests, 50 tank boots ect, then the player could have access to a set with a set amount of sets he could pull a day or week. 1 set would count as 1 head, 1 chest, 1 weapon, 1 offhand if weapon is 1 handed, and boots. Most guilds dnt supply food, pots, capes, mounts or bags. So leaving this out could be fine but having the option wouldn't hurt. Allow guild leaders to have the choice what can be given out or not, if that guild wants to suppy pots and food and not mounts it shouldn't be a problem. for food and pots and set amount allowed in 1 set would be required. So like 1 set would allow 3 pots and 1 or 2 foods. another guild could give 6 pots and 3 foods. The more options the better. So if they have 2 set to there player name or rank then they can pull 2 sets a day or 2 sets a week... This way guild leaders could just stock theses vending stations in set orders they want in there zvz. I think this would be a better option. Also an option to return the set to the station as long as its fully repaired that way if the player didnt die that day he could restock the set and pull it again the next CTA. Restocking the set would return the charge for that day so if there happens to be another cta that day they have the option to use the same set they put back or pull another class type like going from tank to healer. without wasting a set count.

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