♣ [Roleplayer Theatre Club] ♣ - NA - English - PvP - PvE & Dungeons - RP Optional ! ! !

    • ♣ [Roleplayer Theatre Club] ♣ - NA - English - PvP - PvE & Dungeons - RP Optional ! ! !

      After 1000 years, the mists have finally cleared to reveal Albion.... The land of myth and magic beyond the sea. Back in the old world, a king who rules with an iron hand longs for Albion's riches. He summons adventurers to claim the land; hoping to escape their grim lives, many follow dreaming of a bright future in Albion. But their journey across the sea is long and dangerous, and only the most daring cross successfully. Those who make it arrive at the shores of this magical land, from where they immediately begin to craft, trade, and conquer...

      ~"Ahoy! Are you new here laddie? Washin' up on the shore with nothing but yer' clothes on yer' back? Why not join our travelling theatre troupe? Come... Take some silver fer' yer' troubles and come with us..."

      The [ Roleplayer Theatre Club ] is welcoming everyone into our Guild! We are an English speaking Guild focused on exploring all aspects of the game. This includes PvP, PvE, and Roleplaying as well (if you so wish, roleplaying is not required at all. Many people don't realize roleplaying can be fun until they have seen and enjoyed others' roleplay). When you're playing alone, there is a lot of content you simply just can't do. Together, we can help each other have a more fulfilling experience in Albion. Sick of combat and just want to hang out in town? Why not put on some roleplay theatre in town with another member for the public to see? We have some very fun ideas for activities in the game.

      We are currently more of a Beginner - Intermediate focused guild, but as the guild grows in population and item level, we can begin doing harder content when we feel we have enough expert members to do so. Anyone of any skill level is welcome to join.

      Voice Chat not required! We encourage members to play and talk in-game instead; inclusive of everyone who is online and makes the game feel more alive instead of forming smaller groups on Discord.

      Our current Guild Crest is a White Jester's Hat, with a Black and Yellow background that looks very slick on any mount or banner.

      Feel free to Whisper RichardBurnish ingame for Invite or more information!