Living in the Mists: Feedback from a small guild

    • Living in the Mists: Feedback from a small guild

      Hi, I'm Odelll a 200m fame player in a small 10-20 man guild called E-N-V-Y. On launch day me and my friends dove head first into the mists, after countless encounters with larger groups/coalitions and wrong time zone rests we settled in a tier 6 zone. During the period of the first window to place hideouts 5 other hideouts were placed in the zone, instead of attacking each other we decided to enter a Non-Aggression Pact while the hideouts were placed and then resume full pvp after they were secured. I mean lets be honest here, you gain nothing for destroying a hideout and it costs quite a bit to launch on one, if you can make a NAP with them that gives hostiles that do want to remove your hideout one less spot in the zone to be able to place a hideout to base an assault from. Eventually this saw alt/2nd hideouts dropped for a total of 9 in our tier 6 rest, all allied at first under the NAP established at the start. That NAP developed into a full blown alliance as defence and intel were just easier in one alliance with alliance chat and non-hostiles being purple etc. That sets up the prelude to this post and the position I'm coming from.

      First let me start by saying that the mists have expanded upon the game in a positive way and that credit is due to SBI for its implementation. That being said there are a number of issues as someone living in the mists that I feel need to be addressed. First the content is slim pickings if you confine yourself to your home rest. Ours has 4 t6 and 1 t8 chest, a 5 man hellgate, 1 ore and 1 stone resource node. It has a possible 3 connections of which 1 is only a constant the other two are more randomly spawned, one that connects to other rests more often than not and the other emulates the kind of connections we get from our main connection.

      Now, the first issue. Connections and Content.
      For a zone that has a max capacity of 9 hideouts, to have the only means of entrance/exit a 2 man portal is a kick in the nuts. On days that we have a 2 man portal your options are, run solo dungeons, run hellgates, teleport to the royals for royal content. Blackzone content is trickier because you have to avoid using the realm gates, if you use a realm gate you lose your home binding and unlike black zone dwellers that only have the penalty of having to travel back to their home to rebind, Mist dwellers are shit out of luck, they need another member living with them to scout a new route for them to be able to return back to their home, you can always scout one prior to leaving but due to their live spans and often being multiple mist zones deep is problematic and time consuming. Its entirely possible under the current mechanics to lose access to your own hideout because of realm gate mechanics put in place to combat black zone power progression that has nothing to do with the Mists. Ideally your home shouldn't be removed by realm gates if the home bind is in a mist. Another solution would be to add a guild home that is an additional option to the respawn list.

      Content in the mists is kinda meh, it lacks group dungeons ( a staple of every other zone in the game) but it also lacks consistency. Chest, dungeon (static) and resources are all on really long cool downs, often zones feel stripped on content and lacks any sense of exploration due to the limited connections and everything being easily mapped out for you. Most days in the mist the content boils down to scouting a royal connection for buying and selling stuff then running solo dungeons, not exactly the small group content advertised, yes you could scout out avalonian dungeons, regular dungeons, gold chests 2-3+ connections away but most players opt for the path of least resistance and heading out of a hideout, popping a map and running solo dungeons is instant "content" over the task of having to move 10+ people over 2-3 zones that have timer limitations on them. Going to take 10 people to do a gold chest in the next zone via a 2 man portal? say goodbye to 25 minutes. The counter to that of course is if it was any easier then larger groups would be more dominant so its a tough one. Ideally here I'd like to see the mist zones themselves spawn varied content. AvA/group dungeons/Gold chests should spawn at random levels in random zones (or at least rests) to give more variety to the people living in them.

      Finally, while we are on the subject of black zones, realm gates and content. Lets talk about the elephant in the room.

      Season Points

      As listed above, its a pain in the arse to do black zone content from the mists. However there are no ways to generate seasonal points within the mists so small groups like us wishing to obtain silver need to mage raid. Now you can be lucky and have a direct connection to the black zones on your route from your hideouts rest. If you don't however you can invest hours trying to find a route from the royals to the black zone, it almost feels like royal zones connect to royal zones and black zones connect to black zones, the few exceptions being 2 man portals here and there, finding a 7+ route to and from the royals can be a massive time sink when all you want to do is ninja a few mages before the armies of blueballs no fun allowed alliance rain down on you in their t8.3 to protect their passive points empire. Dying? poof your back at your mist zone to repeat the laborious task of retracing means to get back out there teleport to a city > regear > travel to mist portal chain > hope they are all still open > exit in the black zone > travel to target location. God dammit SBI give us mist dwellers the means to generate SOME points in the mists besides mindlessly grinding out solo dungeons for challenge points. How about Mist Outposts? season points for Aspects or Gold chest bosses? Maybe allow naked teleport between Mist hideouts and the blackzone rests? I'd even settle for the ability to keep my home bind.

      So yeah, some mild frustration due to the limited mobility that mist dwelling offers, what do you guys think?
    • To be honest, I feel like everything you mentioned should have been pretty clearly understood from Day 1. It sounds like you want to have the safety of the Mists from larger guilds, while still participating in all the content.

      I would think it should be super easy to find a portal to the black zone at any given day/time, allowing you access to bz group dungeons (and other various content). Porting directly to the Royals opens up a lot of additional content (and it's getting expanded soon). Not to mention there's the potential to run HCEs from the safety of your (lvl 3) hideout and town, as well.

      In regards to season points, you can also do crystals from your (lvl 3) hideout. It doesn't make sense to me to add castles/outposts in the Mists where hideouts can be placed... maybe in other areas, but this would likely draw more attention from larger guilds... which defeats the whole purpose of having the Mists imo.

      I would suggest placing another hideout in the black zone, requesting access to someone else's, or living out of a Rest when your members get "lost" or "trapped" outside of the Mists.
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    • I understand your feelings, but not about black zone content, I think its okay to not be able easily go there, that's for biggest entities than your guild.
      Maybe your guild has to look for a new mist home with bigger static, that would be a big and great content, then you can sell your hideout spot to another smaller guild for tons of millions.:)