[For the developers] Mobile Version Improvements

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    • [For the developers] Mobile Version Improvements

      Hey all,

      first of all - great game, having a blast playing it. BUT there are exactly two things u need to adress before you can release this on android/ios officially.

      1. Targeting Options - "Attack nearest enemy" for auto Attack

      U need to implement this option for mobile. In a fight with enemy 3 players and e.g. 3 mobs around, you cant click 5 times on "change target" to target randomely the one u need. With that function meeles can just stay on there prefered target.

      Range can choose this too for better kiting.
      Note: only for auto attacks, so you can still manuelly select other targets for non skillshot abilities.

      This comes from a high elo arena of valor (LoL-mobile Version).

      2. Fix skill animations asap.

      Right now I pretty much play the whole day without seeing any skill animations, dont matter which graphic options I choose - they always disappear after some time in the game.

      I do have an Ipad Pro 2019, I dont have any performamce issues and being constantly on 60 FPS.

      I actually cant play pvp, because I dont see my skills, nor the enemy skills.

      Hopefully this is the right forum to adress it. This game has huge potential on the mobile market because its pretty much Diablo Immortal MMORPG on mobile - this type of games arr loved on mobile.