RATS in corrupted dangeons

    • You are like some guys that are using high dps/high sustain builds facing a bit more mobile builds crying “don’t run in circles and fight like a man”
      If you wanna chase ppl - use builds with some mobility
      If you don’t use mobility in your builds - don’t cry you couldn’t chase ppl
      No one are idiots
      And no one would stand still letting you kill them if they could kite n run
    • Reef wrote:

      kheeta wrote:

      use builds with some mobility
      tell build that can kill ratting jumping staff with knight armor
      Another bloodletter
      Another daggers with shadow edge
      Carving and Claymore (using Qs on mobs)
      Curse with root
      Besides the one who chase is in better position because the rat aggro mobs/ taking slows/ activate traps/ taking dmg from mobs etc

      The problem exists
      I agree that some fixing needed
      But that’s not the great thing and total diss balance
      I think that on top lvl of CD mobs should hit harder because all using 8.2/8.3 and dmg from mobs is to low... you could brainlessly run through mobs and almost don’t lose hp