Replace Red Zone flagging with new Red Faction

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    • Replace Red Zone flagging with new Red Faction

      This red faction would base from Caerleon, It would require red flagged players to flag in the city prior to engaging in pvp in the surrounding zones. They would continue to lose reputation to the royal zones but with each faction level gain the reward of smuggler routes so they can travel to other cities and locations, also the Caerleon realm portal would be opened to them at max faction standing allowing them to travel to the rests in the black zone. Unlike other factions, the red faction will still be hostile to each other, allowing for cut-throat antics along these routes. To prevent guilds/alliances abusing this, flagging for the red faction would hide your identity and prevent you from joining a party. You can only use smuggler routes/Caerleon realm portals while Red Faction Flagged and this status remains in all zones including black and mist zones.

      just some random thoughts, what do you think?