Spell Effects and Raid Frames

    • Spell Effects and Raid Frames

      So as I understand from what I see on my screen, there's a cap to the spell animations on my screen. Normal, nothing wrong with that.

      However, there needs to be better prioritization which spell effects are rendered and which aren't during more cluttered game play.

      During an Ava yesterday, on the boss which spawns a bunch of shadow adds and healing circles, I was unable to see the circles where healers are supposed to stand.

      On the last boss, I was unable to see the thrown sword. An orange outline would be nice.

      I don't need to see my own spells. Being able to see the enemy's is vital. Update options for off on player and allies but on for enemy (pve).

      Which also leads to the point where a review is needed to ensure all spells are visible by means of outline indicators if spells do not render. For example, the persistent ground aoe from ghoul bosses. Sometimes it won't render. But at least give us that orange outline indicator so it won't be an issue.

      As for raid frames, let it be collapsible or minimized. On mobile having a raid is pretty having a third of your screen obstructed. That's not good.

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    • regarding Animations:

      Its not Sometimes - its Always. Furthermore I dont have any Performance issues with ipad pro.

      E.g. - i Log in, im somewhere alone in the wild, accept a Arena invite, animations are gone in arena, even on lowest settings and 760p on ipad pro.

      They need to fix ist asap, since u literally cant play pvp (U dont see enemy skills