A Breath of Fresh Air

    • A Breath of Fresh Air

      Hello Albion players of all stripes.

      You can all call me Ashkuron, Ash, or Kuron, whichever fits your fancy. Believe it or not, I was attracted to the game by a youtube ad of all things. Specifically, it was the ad where it focuses on the miner and his impact on his guilds war of conquest and ends with the words "you have found your place."

      I have been struggling for years with finding an mmo to call my home, to finally quit bouncing from game to game and settle down in a place to build a community.

      I believe I have found this with Albion.

      That out of the way, here is a bit about me. I am a player who enjoy's playing the game to its fullest, I love Crafting, Gathering, PVE, PVP, Roleplaying, and Homemaking. My love for all things fantasy was sparked by my father reading Tolkien to me as a small boy, now I have finally found a game in a fantasy world that I can make my own.

      Throughout the years and various MMOs I have played I have tanked, healed, dps'd, and done everything in between. I have lead raids and even entire guilds or factions of guilds, I have conquered castles and lost them in the same hour. I have met many people who have invariably enriched my life, sadly, not all of whom are with us anymore.

      However, that I feel is the essence of Online Gaming, building connections and relationships that would previously never been possible. Now I understand I understand this is getting a but long winded so I will end on this note and with an exceprt from the Song of the Misty Mountains by J.R.R. Tolkien. I wish you all many adventures, loves, joys, and tragedies and I can only hope we can share a few together. To my fellow Roleplayers and every player of every stripe, feel free to friend me in game as Ashkuron, and on discord as Sentient Murder Skeleton#3703.

      "Farewell we call to hearth and hall, Though wind may blow and rain may fall, We must away, ere break of day,
      Far over the wood and mountain tall.

      To Rivendell, where Elves yet dwell,
      In glades beneath the misty fell.
      Through moor and waste we ride in haste And whither then we cannot tell.

      With foes ahead, behind us dread, Beneath the sky shall be our bed,
      Until at last our toil be passed,
      Our journey done, our errand sped.

      We must away! We must away! We ride before the break of day..."

      Lets have go on an adventure!