Buff HG

    • The HGs are just awful you have to do 5-6 HGs to get 1m, the profit from the HG is the tomes but it seems that they removed the tomes from the HG because 80% of the HGs that I am making simply do not come and take the HG are giving - 100k / HG prnt.sc/ubni8p a print to show HG's chest and you see how bad it is, I hope you fix the HG because the reward is not offsetting the risk.
    • It seems SBI wnats everyone inside the citie doing HCEs.
      It's not only HG's chests. Also any chest in black zones. SRDs, CDs, Group DGs. Everything.
      Because all this content depends the loot drop, not the silver drop.
      So acctually u can earn much more silver/hour doing HCEs with 0 risk.
      Even purple and gold chests are comming with low loots or no loots.
      Here is a post I made with some screen shots of T8 corrupted dungeons chests. I have 900k+ infamy:

      HCE worths much more than Corrupted Dungeons