Hideouts are terrible in design for Roads of Avalon

    • Hideouts are terrible in design for Roads of Avalon

      hideouts are poorly designed for Road zones. The roads are ment to allow small groups of 10-20+ members to build and control hideout zones, but Hideouts themselves are designed to be besieged and guarded by mass zergs.

      once a hideout is dropped, it's nearly impossible to remove except by massive zerg guilds/alliances.

      instead of hideouts they should have made some type of Guild island specific to Roads of Avalon, and then you can create a Road Connection to it within a hideout at the Blue crystals that is easier to remove, Attacking and breaking the portal would just break the connection to the Road Guild Island, and not destroy island itself. But the Guild could then move and form new connection(s) in another hideout zone and regain access to it.

      with this, the defensive points on the connections require less people and effort to destory, and you could add restrictions on entry/exist like any other road hole.
    • I think a driving factor in the design of the roads was to allow a small group of 10-20+ to be able to effectively defend their hideout vs even a large group. The logistics of moving a large force through the roads in a timely matter is mostly up to RNG.

      I do think that there does not seem to be anything in place to deter large groups from splitting into multiple small groups and create multiple hideouts though. This takes up real estate that could be used by smaller groups, and smaller groups would not be any better able to siege a hideout.

      Basically the same problems with slightly different logistics, and a dash of RNG.
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    • My guild moved into a road solo, soon after we had a few other solo guilds place hideouts down. Rather than attacking each other we all decided to sign a non-aggression pact until the hideouts were down with the idea at first being open pvp with no hideout bashing. Over time however the groups have worked more together, shared access to each others markets and finally merged into our own mini-alliance. TBH with the logistics as they are, the cost of assault and the lack of any other incentive to hold multiple hideouts in a rest zone in favour of just being friendly to others has seen a lot of this across multiple rest zones in the mists.

      Ironically what was designed as a place for small solo guilds has become a breeding ground for small to medium sized alliances... we even took territory this season.

      As for Myelinated's idea;

      Myelinated wrote:

      they should have made some type of Guild island specific to Roads of Avalon.
      I really like this idea, have guild mist islands that have a unique connection each day to a mist rest location instead of the hideouts being placed there. It would give a huge boost to the guild island mechanics. Make it so you have a spawn at guild island option so you can always travel naked to the guild island but to get gear/constructions and such out to the guild island you need to bring it in via the mist connection. I'd LOVE that way more than hideouts in the mists. Unfortunately I don't think they can do this anymore now the mists hideouts have been implemented.