Random Group Dungeons in the Roads

    • Random Group Dungeons in the Roads

      After living in the roads with my 10-20 active guild I realised yesterday that I'm doing far less group content than I am solo now we are in the mists, Its not that we don't have the numbers and more the lack of group content. We can spam Solo/Corrupted dungeons, hit green and blue chests, go gathering and explore the nodes to find routes but these are all solo/duo activities. True, finding aspects and running gold chests when found does provide group content but its few and far between. That leads me to group dungeons, the ones in the roads are on some kind of insane cool down to respawn and your lucky if you can even find one.

      TLDR; how about adding random group dungeons to hideout zones in the mists? Provide us with a more consistent alternative group content when the roads do not provide.
    • I think just lowering the cooldown from the statics and boosting a little the fame and shards from the chests is enough no?

      The chests are pretty undewhelming, i'm doing constantly the raid with 7ppl and I get a pretty ok loot (around 400k each time at T7) but only like, 5 shards, wasn't it supossed to be a good income of shards to lower the rarity of the avalonian items? Doing chests and getting 3 or 4 shards is just patetic.