To Conflict

    • To Conflict

      You guys have changed a lot. When I was in the guild in beta the culture was very different. After so many years I came back to play and basically start over and thought finding my old guild was a stroke of luck but maybe the machine has grown too big. I'm not sure how you collectively decide to recruit fresh players, give them a month to learn the ropes, then gear check them when they come to mandatory ZvZ events 4 days later in their own gear and don't ask for regears. I'm about 2 weeks in the game at this point and am still learning the ropes. Not good enough for Conflict - I get that, but if you're too busy/big to talk to your newer members why recruit them? I think you need to either stick to recruiting established players or make it clear to everyone that you will be adding people on the learning curve.

      Anyway, good luck to y'all. I'll look for something closer to how things used to be. See you in the black!