Timing after entering the dungeon

    • Timing after entering the dungeon

      Hello you all!

      I would like to understand how the timing after you enter inside a dungeon works. SBI release the info saying the DG closes after 1:30s you enter. But it isn't working.

      In the video below, we can see that I wait the dg shield ends, so I wait about 40 seconds after that to start the DG, and even so, 3 guys entered after that time...

      SBI, moderators... Please, let me know how it works, or how did they enter, because it makes no sense.

      I could have left the DG, not lost my items... But as I was SURE that the time of 1:30s had already passed, I decided to fight, but even so, more people came in later...

      In the end I lost my items due to a game bug. Will I be compensated? What about this bug? albiononline.com/pt/killboard/kill/116585310

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    • I'm guessing you simply didn't wait long enough. If you already had a bubble before entering, then the bubble timer does not reset when you do enter, so maybe your timer was on less than a minute when you entered and you didn't realise?

      As for more enemies entering after the first enemy entered, the dungeon despawn timer is reset again each time a player enters.

      Personally I would use an actual timer (on my phone) to do the 90secs, rather than adding time after the bubble timer expires.