Gathering on the Mists

    • Gathering on the Mists

      Hello guys!

      After quite a while roaming around the Mists, i'd like to review gathering on the roads.

      :thumbsup: Good things:
      - Good chance to find Aspects (or the mini-Aspects)
      - Good T7 and T8 availability.

      :thumbdown: Bad things:
      - High risk with low reward till T7.
      - Other than the aspects and the T7 and T8 big nodes, the rest is pretty underwhelming.
      - Since you need to kill the mobs to get their resources (other than the few nodes on the resource sites) you gatherer way slower than on the World.
      - Since there are loads of resource types on the roads, you can't efficiently gather using gathering gear.
      - Low profit other than T7, T8 and Aspects.

      I don't mind the risk to be honest, but there is a very high risk (easy to be ganked on the sites and on the Wilds) with a very low reward (low return rate as explained above)
      So here are a few ideas:

      I feel that for the resources you need to hit 1 of the 2 points, quantity or quality.
      With either one of them, the aspects/old mobs should follow the level of the map, so no t6 aspect on t4 maps, t4 aspects on t4 maps, t6 on t6, t8 on t8.
      And the normal nodes also being a little more focused on the level of the map, so sometimes you may get T6 resources on the T4 map, but usually you get T4 and T5. (maybe even T3 if could be added?).

      For hitting quantity the amount of resources from the nodes should be about 3x the current values. The mobs that are in the pathway of the wilds should give 20 (T4), 15 (T5 and T6), 7 (T7) and 4 (T8) also having the big nodes for every tier and the aspects, the big nodes would be on the resources sites.
      On the small resorce site : Ex: Ore, so there could be ore and like, stone or hide as it is, but on that resource site, the ore mobs and nodes would be big nodes (2 times the "normal amout" explained above, in another words about 6x the current value, 40/30/15/8).
      On the big resource site: Ex: Ore, the same thing as the small sites but every 15 to 60min respawns the Aspect. ( so only getting aspects/old on the big resource sites)

      If hitting quality, the nodes from the roads would be heavily enchanted, a good ratio would be:
      50% .0 (flat)
      30% .1 (uncommon)
      15% .2 (rare)
      5% .3 (exceptional)

      So this would greatly help low level gathering and give just a little bit of a help for high level without breaking the balance.

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