Tutorial Island / New Player Improvement Feedback & Suggestions.

    • Tutorial Island / New Player Improvement Feedback & Suggestions.

      So I played through the tutorial and stater quests to get a feel of what a new player is shown and jesus there's a lot missing. Below are some of the things I think need adding and changing for the starter experience, if you have feedback as well please drop it in this thread.

      Improvement / Changes:

      During the showing of the world map, when you put your cursor over the resource icon,list the name of them instead of just showing the tier.

      Explain crafting stations on the minimap and where you find them.

      Also explain the differences between each zone type (blue, yellow, red, black) and what they offer in terms of PvP and rewards (loot, resources, etc)

      Also explain the enchantments of resources.

      Explaining food & potions (health regen, hp buff, damage buff, cooldown reduction, etc)

      Craft a T2 bag and explain carry weight.

      Guild invites shouldn't be allowed until an hour after you've completed tutorial.

      Combat Training;A Dangerous Place -
      Royal Soldier should have a highlight on the entrance you use into Stagbourne and or tell you how to use the world map and typing in a zone name.Explain dungeon types during this, showing new players what the symbols mean on the minimap.

      Not a Small Fish - Highlight the area because I don't see a "castle" visible on the mini-map.

      Find Your Way;OK great, but maybe show how to join a guild (improve the in-game guild search function).----Other quests should be only be allowed to be done in order; Focus/crafting quest shouldn't be able to be done before a gathering one.

      Refining stations outside of the crosses need bigger icons on the mini-map. Also without pressing 'n' to bring up the mini-map they're not visible at all. Needs fixing ASAP!

      Have a look around;Should make a player look at each station, marketplace and bank and explain what each one does and how to use them.

      Gold selling - Should also explain that gold & silver are never lost upon death even in full loot PvP.

      Extra steps;
      Adventuring to the main city after you complete all the quests and as a final step you sell the T4 royal sigil on the marketplace in the main city. Here explain the buy/sell orders and instant sell and what the difference is between them and that each market is split from each other.

      Other things to improve/add;
      Split the T2 items on the destiny board so they make sense, like why the hell am I using a T2 sword to unlock a crossbow? Or a dagger to unlock a nature staff?
      Have the destiny board zoomed in to the beginner Tiers (T2/3/4) so players aren't overwhelmed.
      Have a quest line that drives a player to unlock Tier 4 weapon & armor.
      Have a quest line that drives players to also unlock Tier 4 gathering / refining / crafting.
      After reaching Tier 4, have a quest that shows them arena, expeditions & yellow zone PvP by tasking them to fight another player and teach them the flagging system and how it works.
      And finally walk them up-to the realm gate, showing them the way out into the Out lands and what it offers and what the risks are going there in detail.
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    • The part of the tutorial that has the player gear up in a full set of T2. It should force the player to buy one piece of their set from the market and to sell the old pieces of the set on the market.

      Too many players are making it to the royal continent without knowing the what/where/how of the markets.
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