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  • So today I unlocked the the T4 Scythe... and I must say, its absolute dirt. I mean its so underwhelming.

    Reasons why its weak
    - Reap has a really long cast time
    - Reap does really low damage
    - Reap can be hard to hit without taking a stupid amount of time to line it up
    - Reap can be easily dodged
    - Reap is weak
    - The bleed does really low initial damage and low damage over time damage over time
    - Easily kite-able

    Cleave seems fairly ok.

    You would think that a huge weapon such as a scythe would wreck a cloth wearer the same way a fire staff wrecks a plate wearer but it doesn't. Its bad

    This is just my opinion but the amount of Learning Points it took me to get there is not worth it.