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      Hello guys!

      I loved the change on the Roads of Avalon patch, but a few problems came along.
      One of them is that Corrupted Dungeons (CDs) take the same slot as Random Dungeons (RDs).
      This causes a shortage on SRDs on the map, because you can continue to do the CDs without leaving to the map, but the SRDs you need to find the dungeon and enter it everytime you clear one, yeah sure you can use maps but they are getting really expensive now.
      I have a few solutions:
      1- Have each dungeon have it's own "slot" on the map, so that they do not overlap each other.
      2- Reworking how CDs work, having to leave the dungeon and search for another one, but having better rewards (about twice as much as it is today)
      3- Changing how dungeons work to work as CDs are, so you get a portal to leave or go to another procedually generated dungeon (i'm not a big fan of this one, cause I think you searching the dungeon is also a part of the thing, so you can be ganked on the way).
      4- Raising the drop of maps or making a way to create them, this way we can re-supply the market and the maps get more accessible. (don't like this one that much aswell, but is a solution)
      5- Doing to CDs something close as HGs, you give them 3 points on the map that are the "entrances", while leaving the slots for the SRDs and GRDs.


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    • Well, that up to where you trying to find them, if you are searching in a place where a lot of guys are trying to find CDs, like maps around Carleon, then of course you will have trouble, but if you go to places where most will search dungeons to fame farm, like deep into the Blacks or the mists, then you can only see CDs around.