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    • DG QuarterStaff

      We all know that QS are horrible for dg both for solo and group and I come here to create this topic to ask you to do something about it because QS are also tanks but are completely excluded from their role in group DGs since they have no skill to pool the hammer and the mace has the ability to pull others towards themselves msm and only the QS does not and this is kind of unfair since the QS are also part of the tank role but do not have the necessary skills to tank, he has stun and health but he has no skills to cover enemies like hammers and clubs have, so I think it would improve the QS a lot if they added Air Compressor to the QS or something like that so the QS can play their part tank in DGs and also in other content like zvz and etc. because the QS is being used more as a support than as a tank itself.