[RELEASE] Albie - A Dedicated Discord Bot For Albion.

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    • [RELEASE] Albie - A Dedicated Discord Bot For Albion.


      The go to bot for all things Albion

      Hi all !

      I am excited with share with all of you the discord bot I have been working on for a while.
      I mostly use this for quickly checking Albion market prices while in game.

      • Quick item price checking.
      • View item price history.
      • View Current price.
      • View volume sold.
      • Can search in multiple languages (Need testers)

      Roadmap or ideas that i would like to implement:
      • Quick crafting cost calculator
      • Death/battle report
      • and much more

      How do i use it ?
      .p <item name>


      .p <tier info> <item name>

      For example:
      .p t8 helmet of valor

      You can quickly search up items using its tier and enchant info by typing t followed by its tier information and enchant, for example :

      .p t6.1 hunter hood

      .price t4 hide

      You can also search items normally by their name
      .p gold beemoth

      This is what you get when you type .p t7 hide

      Where does it get the data ?

      Glad you asked! the data provided here is acquired from the Albion data project.

      This project gets its data from users running a client that uploads market prices to their servers whenever a player looks at an item. More people using the client the more accurate and helpful it is to you and everyone else.

      If you would like to contribute and get more accurate data, you can learn more about them here:

      Albion Data Project

      How do i get it ?
      You can invite the bot to your discord server using the following link:

      Invite Albie to your Discord server

      Contact / Support:
      If you want to follow the development, ask a questions or tell me a crazy idea, you can hop on to the discord server
      Click here to join discord

      If you got some skills and want to flex you can help albion data project development:

      Click here to visit Albion Data Project Github

      If like what i do and want to support you can
      Buy me a coffee

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    • Implemented all the market goals and i am happy with the result.
      - Black zone cities to be added soon.

      - Working on displaying buy orders.

      - Adding Last Updated timestamps.
      If it needs any more improvements or updates let me know.
      I will move on to the battle reports.
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    • Albie Bot Update: Added text version of price command, crafting calculator and more.

      Latest Update:
      Text Version of the price command.

      This is for all the copy pasters out there
      It can be called using:

      Source Code

      1. .pricetext <item name>

      e.g .pricetext t4 hide or the short form:

      Source Code

      1. .pt t4 hide
      Crafting Calculator
      There is now a rough crafting calculator. This will let you roughly estimate the crafting cost for a single or bulk items. this command is in beta and is buggy :
      It can be used by typing:

      Source Code

      1. .c <amount> <item name>
      e.g. .c 10 t3 hunter hood

      If anyone has the Journal formula let me know I can add that to the command.

      Custom Prefix
      You can now choose your own prefix for the bot to be called using the set prefix command. e.g .setPrefix +.

      Source Code

      1. .setPrefix <new prefix>
      This will now make the bot only listen to commands starting with a + Note: you need to be the server owner to change this.
      There has been more under the hood changes for the main price command, so you if find that its not working, let me know.