Deleting messages in batch fails

    • Deleting messages in batch fails

      Well hello there,

      Without further ado, here is the thing:

      • Description of the issue: If you select all messages in a category and then deselect some of them manually, deletion of the messages is not possible
      • Steps to reproduce:
      1. Open the messages UI and select one of the categories
      2. Click on select all
      3. Deselect at least one of the messages manually
      4. Click on delete
      5. Click Yes to confirm the deletion

      • Result: The UI will freeze, leaving the Yes/No overlay in place. Clicking Yes has no effect. Clicking No will make the overlay disappear, but the Messages UI stays on "'Loading..." until you switch to another tab. The category selection is also frozen. After switching tabs and switching back, all the messages are still present.
      • Expected Result: The messages get deleted except the ones that were manually deselected

      As usual, there is a video demonstration:

      It even happens if i manually delete the message which is not selected, and then try to delete the rest of the messages again.

      Discord: Shred#6182

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