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    Why do you guys stole from me almost 500k PvP fame?
    Due to my friend i was aware that after the update in some point every pvp fame that people farmed in groups wasn't sharing so they was earning full fame from those kills.
    The problem is in that day i wasn't involved in any group fights the only pvp fame i got was from corrupted dungeons. If you guys are not capable to identify the ones who earned incorrectly fame you are not suppose to remove fame from people who didn't do anything wrong, this makes you guys looks amateurs that doesn't know how to fix your own mess. :cursing: :thumbdown:
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  • I will try to explain it once more now that I have time to do so.

    I was aware of some kind of fame bug after the update since my friend told me in that day all the fame he got in his party wasn't shared so they was winning the full fame from the kills they got.

    The problem is in that day i wasn't involved in any group fight all the fame i got was from the corrupted dungeon which means solo fame.

    Of course i am mad since i am being penalizated due to something i wasn't involved. Due to something caused by SBI trying to fix their own mess and as a result of that they created a new mess.

    I sent a ticked from the support which i admit i was very dissapointed and very frustrated. I want my fame back. I received a bad support reply which told me it wasn't their responsability and taking me to the forums to start a post in 'feedback and suggestions' so the other players can comment aswell.

    I don't wan't to be rude but what does feedback and suggestions has to do with it? This is a problem in my account and that is nothing to do with other players.

    The guy who answered me in the support was avoiding to do his job and redoing what support word means.

    I've decided to quit albion towards the end of april this year due to personal problems. I was only being online after that to do my daily bonus due to my premium time and to spend some time with my friends in game but i was not interrested in comeback after my premium time was over. Then i saw the new content i've decided to give it a new try.

    I've spent a lot of time in Albion I buyed this game before it turns free to play. I am not a pro player almost all the PvP fame i got was solo and from small scale content. I decided to join a big guild after so many time in game due to my friends that now are playing there.

    So of course i am going to be frustrated I mean 500k isn't much right but for people like me who likes to play the game in my own rhythm it's a lot of time and efforts spent.

    If this 'fame bug' wasn't a big thing SBI probably aren't care about it (which isn't the case since they created a new problem trying to this that).

    So of course it's a big thing and I demand some respect and my fame back since i am the one being penalized here from something i wasn't involved.