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      DildoSwaggings wrote:

      Seams to me the bad shit you do to people bit you back in the ass :D gl hf
      Ahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahaha Get rekt
    • So let me get this straight, someone other than OP (which seems biased to say the least) correct me if I'm wrong:

      OP should know, as any human being above 12 years old, that any history has AT LEAST two sides.

      He comes here in the forum and tells HIS side of the story. He hints that he actually did shady shit and that the kick itself wasn't out of nowhere. He does not say, whatsoever, what exactly was his "imoral" behaviour.

      Then he expects, without anyone hearing the other side of the story, that people will actually agree with him, not join the guild he was kicked by and that their alliance should actually expel the guild just because... well, just because OP said so? With only his side of the story? Which he actually agrees he was doing "imoral" stuff?

      And when people do not agree with him because they want to hear the other side first (to make their own conclusions) and call OP on this, he actually gets mad that people are disagreeing with him and call them "snowflakes" when he is the one getting offended by, well, the obvious reaction any human being with minimal common sense would have in the same situation?

      Did I get this right or did I miss something, guys?

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    • Funny how you demand respect but you give none to the noobs you scam. Seams to me your just a whiny little bitch who got stung by his own actions and now is crying on the forums. I accept the fact your a scammer and I understand that's your way of playing the game but don't come here looking for solidarity. Nobody cares a scammer got scammed.
    • Well I have to disagree that you did nothing to hurt the guild, Infact you did hurt the name of the guild itself by scamming noobs with duels do you think they would ever want to join black flag after getting fucked over by you, If it happened to me I would hate that guild forever for allowing their players to do theses kindas of things. So yes I'm glad black flag kicked your ass and that you lost your items, Infact I hope you lost a shit load of gear/silver because you did the same thing to noobs by duel scamming them. Anything haha.
    • Duel scammers are Bad players trying to steal from New players. Yes its allowed, but its totally the dirt of Albion doing this stuff.

      With any scam you hurt the reputation of your guild and so you totally deserve that kick.
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    • Nasty and unforgiving behaviour from the guild BLACK FLAG!

      A time ago I joined the guild. I was (and still are) kinda new to the game. I got forced into a room on discord where I then got greeted nicely by alot of people!
      Then I joined in on a CTA the first day. I died twice, noone yelled at me. They said I had correct gear on and got refunded the gear!

      I also later on joined a ZvZ. Where we stomped so much people until we got swarmed from every direction.

      A day went past and joined in on another CTA, and died twice again. I got my refund accepted. BUT I kinda felt like a way too inexperienced player to be in such a guild atm.
      So joined back with my friends again. I said my farewell. And left the guild. And then the most outrageous and unforgiving behaviour started, about 5 people said "Take care man and good luck <3".

      :> :>

      (I'm bored ok?)

      EDIT: Also, they showed me several tips and tricks and builds for ZvZ / CTA etc aswell. Nasty shit... How dare you teach me and let me become a better player??? ;)

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    • xTalx wrote:

      its just dispicable behavior, and people here justify it , pathetic
      You shared a story where you present yourself as a victim of mistreatment in order to get people to sympathatize with you. This is the very defition of patheticness. Defending what you label as "dispicable behavior" has nothing to do with someone being pathetic.

      xTalx wrote:

      Im here to show the behavior of this guild toward their members and their equipment, which is highly disrespected
      In the reddit post a representative of Black Flag has said that duel scammers are not welcomed in their guild. Since you are one you've never been a real member of their community in the first place. The immediate kick is mandatory in this case. The fault lies entirely in you for not knowing what is acceptable and what's not in a guild you have been in for a while.

      xTalx wrote:

      i told them not to tell me how to play the game and that I did not break any guild rules
      You did break your guild's rules. You are just too blind to be able to see & perceive the moral code of your guild on your own. Even after learning it from your guildmates, you rejected it. Expelling you was the only option you left them with.

      xTalx wrote:

      no matter what I did, nothing justify not allowing me to take my items, and ignoring my pms
      Everyone has their own sense of justice. Because you are self-centered nothing can justify such actions taken against you.

      xTalx wrote:

      I mentioned I didnt do anything to damage the clan

      anyway I will make it short for you. if you think kicking someone without talking to him, informing higher rank managment, letting him take his items out, sorting things out in a proper respectfull way, then go ahead, join this toxic lame clan
      The respect of others is not something you are entitled to. It's earned. You have to do things which makes people respect you. In your case you've done the complete opposite. You tarnished their reputation by scamming people so you lost the respect they had towards you out of human courtesy.

      xTalx wrote:

      im not saying im a good guy or a bad guy, just judge this pathetic shitty clan behavior. thats all.
      Your goal was to slander a guild and instead you've only embarrassed yourself. Well done.
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    • xTalx wrote:

      ok so after writing a long post, acting smart, without reading the entire discussion, getting some likes from little kiddos here, are you happy now? good
      I know its fun being a "judgement" and trying to educate other people in a patronizing way. I mentioned a few times I dont argue with the KICK, I ACCEPT it. I argue with the WAY things have been done
      I mentioned I didnt do anything to damage the clan (and i wont repeat myself no more, you aint worth my time)
      there was literlley only one guy here who was taking this situation in natural point of view, without trying to judge and rise above someone. but albion community is one of the most butharded one, so what do I expect ?

      anyway I will make it short for you. if you think kicking someone without talking to him, informing higher rank managment, letting him take his items out, sorting things out in a proper respectfull way, then go ahead, join this toxic lame clan, you will fit well. And I will say again, I did not steal from clans bank or getting clan members killed. I did something which all the responsibility and outcomes on myself.
      I did read all the discussion. That's actually pretty well summarized by myself, actually.
      Oh, sorry, I wasn't acting smart, I am smart. And I did read the whole discussion and I think I summarized it pretty well so yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about myself, thank you very much, sir.

      Now seems to me that my patronizing way wasn't enough for you to understand your complete lack of logic so let me break it down for you. Seems to me you're a male "Karen" (is the correct term a "Chad"? Can someone enlighten me here, please, is he a Karen or a Chad?):

      Anything you do in the game with a guild tag implies that the guild itself agrees with your actions. That's why guilds have punishments, because if you do something wrong while using their tag (like breaking a NAP, for example), they have every right to correct your wrong (like making you pay for the regear + a fine). If the guild does not punish you in any way while you're doing things (either morally or imorally correct, that's debatable and depends on the guild you're in), it implies the guild approves your actions. Every person you scammed with the guild tag on made them weary of the Black Flag guild, as my colleague @Neef has said better than I ever could. Anyone watching probably got the same feelings towards the guild too, so you did them a great deal of harm.

      To put it in perspective, if you're making racists allegations on Facebook here in my country, your employer has every right to condemn your actions and fire you. Seems like this situation is similar and the outcome too, since they kicked you.

      Now, let me break it down even more so you can understand something else: The fact that everyone in Black Flag (and I say the "higher rank management" as you so called) has ignored your requests pretty much nulifies your argument that the decision was made only by low ranking members. After all, as it is common sense (which you seem to lack, as any Karen does), "no answer at all is an answer in itself". They ignored you because they agree that you should be ignored and kicked.

      Now, lets break things even more, because you seem to be in need of things explained in a very detailed manner:

      The only one that is "butthurt" here is you. All your arguments are devoid of logic, you're the one calling people who disagree with your views as "snowflakes" or devoid of brain (as you called me). A lot of people (including myself) have already pointed out the lack of logic in your actions. Now, if there are 20 people saying X and only you disagreeing by saying Y, maybe it's time to think that, perhaps, you're alone in this because you're the one wrong. If I say 2+2=3 and EVERYONE else says that I'm wrong and the answer is 4, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, I should rethink if my conclusions are correct. Please note, I'm not saying you should agree with everyone, I'm saying you should RETHINK if you are so correct as you believe.

      Again: You should THINK. Use your head and look inside.

      That's an opportunity for you to do so. If you won't, then it's not us losing a huge growth opportunity, it's you, because if you act like this in a game, chances are big that you act like this in your life and let me tell you right now, you're going to have a bad time if you continue with this behaviour of disrespecting and ignoring anyone who disagrees with you. And I'm not saying about the scamming, I'm talking about your whole attitude. Will you look inside yourself? Probably not. But I couldn't care less, if you won't learn a lesson now with everyone that called out your bullshit, life will be a pretty harsher teacher.

      And lastly, avoid seeking respect from anyone if you don't show respect yourself. You have to earn respect by giving it, only then can you demmand it. You have disrespected everyone in this thread, so don't try to play the victim here, because you're clearly the opposite.