Ironroot nature "E" ability is scuffed and obnoxious

    • Ironroot nature "E" ability is scuffed and obnoxious

      When I use ironroot E on myself it works fine, but when i wanna link it to my teammate (or enemy), it deSelects my teammate and i actually have to click on him or on his party portrait which is really bad in a 2v2 fight.

      Reason why I cant click on him manually, first of all it wastes a lot of time and second, if there are 2 enemys inside him, i can accidentally use the wrong link.
      Reason why I cant click on his party portrait or select party member, it wastes quite a lot of time ( if u fighting a gucci 1 shot claymore healer comp, u dont have time to fiddle with ur E, u need to time it really quick or u die ) and is obnoxious asf
      also sometimes when i try to pop the E super fast between myself and my mate with select party memeber, the E just cancels cuz i use it on myself twice for some reason
      quick video on it, in the first clip i use Alt E ( to get the E on myself ) and then i try to use E ( when i do it, it deSelects my teammate)

      Solution: When I use Alt E on myself and try to use E on my teammate, make it so it doesnt deSelect him, so it would actually work with Alt + E + E
    • I know what you mean. It took me a few hellgates (and a few mil silver later) to really understand what was going on. It feels horribly clunky in the current setup. I understand they are probably trying to make it so you can target your ally for heals and then ues e and not accidentally target the ally for the spell when you want to use it on an enemy.... to this I say, let me manage who I'm targeting. Just like every other spell in the game, if I have my ally targeted but want to cast a spell on an enemy, i have to manually click on the enemy.... If I have my ally targeted.... only I should be able to untarget him, not some game mechanic. Please make the changes suggested by Legal.
    • I %100 agree with this. Super clunky, and easy to make a game changing mistake.

      When I first used this skill I actually thought it was a bug, kinda like when your skill bar gets stuck, and you have to mouse click the spell you want to defuck the glitch. But apparently it's not a glitch at all, and is really hard to use.

      I like to use hotkeys for 5v5, and this makes it impossible to do. Seems like a simple fix to help the spell mechanic feel smooth as butter.

      Plz look into this SBI, love the staff, just not viable to me because of this clunky mechanic.
    • I also agree with what Legal is saying. It is clunky in this current state. If you try to click your healer - u might missclick the enemy, if you click the portrait it takes time and concentration ( looking at something else then the fight ) - if you select your party member with a hotkey u need to either select yourself and use E, then press E again and then the hotkey or you can also use it on your partner first and then select yourself and use it. Either way it's still working diffrently and worse then all the other heal ( and most other ) spells in the game where u can have your teammate selected and just use the "alt"+(insert spell) you wanna use and then release "alt" and keep healing your teammate again.

      Another problem with the spell is that if u accidently hover your cursor over yourself or the enemy (without clicking) and u press E, the spell will go off aswell.

      Please look into this and make a change to how the weapon is working SBI