Axe's Rework

    • Axe's Rework

      Hello folks!

      I felt that the Axes took a huge beating when the Bleeding was nerfed.
      I also feel that the Axes are in a somewhat bad position rn, specially as an Axe player.
      I wouldn't buff Axes because of the Corrupted Dungeons, but because they are underwhelming in general, as Arcanes currently are.
      For me the Q's are ok actually, as for the bleeding there are 2 things that could work out:
      1- Going back the way it was, reducing healing as each stack is applied, not at 3 stacks.
      2- Increasing the duration from 5 to 7 seconds.
      Deadly Chop - Reduce cast time to from 0.5 to 0.1 sec. Reduce mana cost from 28 to 23.
      Adrenaline Boost - Increase buff duration from 5 to 7 seconds. <<OR>> Reduce mana cost from 31 to 25.
      Battle Rush - Enemy Healing Received is reduced by 40% (from 20%) for 5s (from 3s) in a 5m radius. Ally Healing Received is increased by 40% (from 20%) for 7s (from 5s) in a 5m radius. Reduce mana cost from 31 to 23.
      Internal Bleeding - Reduce the instant damage by half but double the movement damage, so from 205 to 100 for the instant damage and from 77 per second to 150 per second, also reducing the duration from 8s to 6s. Increase mana cost from 23 to 28.
      Raging Blades - It is fine as it is.
      Battleaxe - Feels pretty underwhelming, be either the damage or the heal.
      Suggestion: Reduce the base damage by about half (so 431 to 215) and making the damage scale, also always heals the full amount of damage and consumes the enemy bleeding charges. Reduce manacost from 43 to 38.
      Charges on target vs damage:
      0 - 215 (Base damage)
      1 - 301 (dmg increased by 40%)
      2 - 387 (dmg increased by 80%)
      3 - 473 (dmg increased by 120%)

      Greataxe - As it stands feels good, but don't have any interation with the bleeding charges.
      Suggestion: Each spin stacks a bleeding charge, reduces the damage against non bleeding targets, increases the damage as bleeding stacks. Ticks back to 1 second from 0.5.
      So: Spin around like a whirlwind for 5s, dealing 140 physical damage every 1s and applying a bleed charge to all enemies in a 5m radius.
      Charges on target vs damage:
      0 - 140 (Base damage)
      1 - 196 (dmg increased by 40%)
      2 - 252 (dmg increased by 80%)
      3 - 308 (dmg increased by 120%)
      Damage could also be halved and be as currently is (every 0.5s) but then the bleeding should be applied every 1s, this would cause conflicts on the game code I guess.

      Halberd - As with the Greataxe, I would reduce the damage but increase the damage against bleed targets (bleeding spread/aditional stacks applied before the damage). So base from 481 to 288 (40% decreased)
      Charges on target vs damage:
      0 - 288 (Base damage)
      1 - 383 (dmg increased by 33%)
      2 - 478 (dmg increased by 66%)
      3 - 576 (dmg increased by 100%)
      Usually on ZVZs you E while your target is with 2 charges if the engage is short, so its about the same damage. With the buff of the Bleeding suggested above, I feel that these values are balanced.

      Carrioncaller - For Carrion I have 2 options, option 1 is more of a long range start, option 2 is more of a finisher.
      1- Starter - Increase the width by 20 to 30%, aditionally giving max (3) bleed charges + carrion bleed + the healing reduction (40%).
      This would work as a started or a second followup after your tank started, more of a utility than dps/finisher.

      2- Finisher - Same width and the bleed works as it is now, but the base damage scale with the amount if bleeding charges on the target, don't think the bleeding damage should increase though and reduce the healing reduction from 40% to 20%.
      0 - 373 (Base damage)
      1 - 496 (dmg increased by 33%)
      2 - 619 (dmg increased by 66%)
      3 - 746 (dmg increased by 100%)
      This would work less utility and more like a finisher. After you engage and cause havok, stacking your Q's and using your W's, if people are trying to run away to get heals you use your E to finish them, or to extend the engage not letting the healer(s) heal the frontline.

      Infernal Scythe - Didn't fully tested to have a proper opinion.
      Bear Paws - Didn't fully tested to have a proper opinion.
      Avalonian - Didn't fully tested to have a proper opinion.

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    • i would love to see some changes in the axes passives too.

      They all feel dull and weak tbh, especially with the SLOW hit rate.

      Execuse me because i cant remember the passive names but i guess you will get me..

      For example, if they make it heals for a small percentage of the bleeding damage (even from 1 target) would be better than healing per hit damage.

      also if hitting 4 or 5 times applies a normal bleeding stack for the normal bleeding duration would be better than the useless 1.5 sec bleeding imo.

      the damage boost passive should have a little more duration.
    • @DaarioNaharis Yeah man, I can see that.
      Again, this is just a brainstorm and a potential of what that could become.
      The only thing I disagree is that only those changes you said could be good. Most weapons have some interaction with the Q's stacks. And axe have the same "layout" as that, but there is no interaction with the E's, W's and Q's. I feel that it could be added.
      Though, there are some minor changes that could fill the gap and bring more light to the Axes, like the passive change and like the CD and energy you mentioned.