Testserver Patch Notes - Rise of Avalon Patch 1

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    • Testserver Patch Notes - Rise of Avalon Patch 1

      Rise of Avalon Patch 1

      Corrupted Dungeon Changes

      • Corrupted dungeons now allow swapping of food and potions
      • A minimum distance is now enforced between the owner of a dungeon and an invader's chosen spawn location
      • Decreased HP of Bewildered Heretic Brawler over all tiers by 7%:
        • Tier 5: 1519 → 1413
        • Tier 6: 1806 → 1680
        • Tier 7: 2253 → 2097
      Other Changes
      • Guardians and Aspects are now immune to any forced movement effects like pull or knockback
      • Pathfinder Great Mage now attacks with an additional spell that not only inflicts damage but also increases all damage done by this Mage by 10% per stack
      • Zones with World Bosses now spawn resources again as intended
      • Fixed an issue where enchantment effects did not display on enchanted trees
      • Fixed an issue where the Marketplace UI could become slow or unstable during searches
      • Fixed an issue with the new spell cooldown countdown timer where the incorrect number of seconds would sometimes be displayed (actual duration was not affected)
      • Fixed an issue where players awaiting teleport via Smart Cluster Queue were not immune to crowd control effects
      • The indication area for the Cursed Skull ability "Haunting Screams" now shows the area and direction of casting as intended
      • Using the Escape ability to exit a Random Dungeon into an overcrowded cluster now offers alternative spawn cluster (like using an exit would)
      • Additional graphical, animation, terrain, and localization fixes
    • I see you are going to change the random chance to invade right on top of target. While I agree with this spawning on the complete other side of the map is just as bad. It is virtually impossible to stop banishment in those cases. The huge favoritism to running in these dungeons is a tad absurd. The ease of banishment and infamy penalties for partaking in PvP need serious adjustment. Having higher rewards for just clearing mobs all day is insanity it would be similar to kids getting huge loot bonus increases per SRD cleared.