Final decision on cursed dungeons

    • Ziz0 wrote:

      So, people screami ng aside i think your point is that PvP is unbalanced as heck in 1vs1 and there's really no point in doing it unless you're using the meta build or the meta counter (which seems to be itself?).

      Yeah, fair point. Correct me if i'm wrong, but it seems that the game is balanced around large scale fights, which lets a lot of 1vs1 cheese builds running around out there. It's pretty frustating doing PvP when the dude has a set that's better in almost every way and you can't really choose what you use.
      Yes. And the rats don't like that they can't kill me.
    • Zachary wrote:

      so sbi took from us (pvpers) a awesome pvp content - srd and gave adittional pve rat content ,bravo!

      Yes, there are really a lot of rats in this game. Bastards run in 10 on 1. Bastards run in ng like a dd tank. Bastards run around in new dungeons on the principle of hit-and-run or crossbows, or gloves, or broadswords. There are a lot of options for bastards to play.
      This game is for bastards and rats. And I'm tired.

      In three days I reached 400k infami without deaths or kill. I started pvp an hour ago.
      I lost 200k infami, -2kk silver and frayed my nerves.

      What can I say. For this reason, I left in 2019 (ran around xg, dungeons) and it was not very good.

      You can see my build here
      In general, if you do everything right, you get pve and kick the rats out of the dungeon. But it's boring.
      + - 1kk of Free XP per hour and 2kk of silver for 400k infami.

      I don't know how the gloves could kill me. Probably the problem is mobs and traps.

      I am deleting my character and account. Bye everybody, I am going to sleep.
      -50kk silver, 25kk experience and 3 days



      Да, крыс в этой игре действительно много. Ублюдки бегают в 10 на 1. Ублюдки бегают в хг как танк + дд. Ублюдки бегают в новых данжах по принципу ударил-убежал или арбалетах, или перчатках, или палаше. Вариантов как ублюдкам играть уйма.
      Эта игра для ублюдков и крыс. И я устал.

      За три дня я дошел до 400к инфами без смертей и убийств. Час назад я начал пвп.
      Потерял 200к инфами, -2кк серебра и потрепал нервы.

      Что могу сказать. По этой причине я и уходил в 2019 году (бегали по хг, данжам) и это было не очень.

      Мой билд вы можете видеть тут
      В целом, если все делать правильно вы получаете пве и выгоняете крыс из данжа. Но это скучно.
      +- 1кк свободного опыта в час и 2кк серебра на 400к инфами.

      Я не знаю, как перчатки смогли меня убить. Наверное проблема в мобах и ловушках.

      Я удаляю персонажа и аккаунт. Всем пока, я спать.
      -50кк серебра, 20кк опыта и 3 дня

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    • supapupa wrote:

      Bastards run in ng like a dd tank.
      how is running damage with tank in hellgate being a rat xD
      there are literally people that run double bloodletter with taproot and a knight armor. with demon boots and undead cape. they kill noobs and run away from anyone else. thats the real ratting.
      the dps and tank comp is acually one of the non meta, non rat and skill required comps in hellgate that not everyone can play
    • supapupa wrote:

      I am the top 10 player in corrupted dungeons. And I have +-10kk experience with a rating of 350k infamy without kills and deaths. And don't worry screaming rats, I will have 100kk experience soon. And I will arrange pvp, if you ask so.
      I have experience in the game in 2019 and I know how this game works. I remember the times of rats in hg, stealing chests and passing dungeons without killing mobs, except for bosses.

      There is no balance in this game. This is a sandbox where you can be killed in a second and you will lose everything. I can do anything as long as it doesn't break the system.

      After the introduction of avalon roads, there were a lot of resources. The markets are oversaturated. You do not lose anything from the pve players in the dungeons. Even a plus for those who sell on the black market. Your items are selling faster.

      My decision on new dungeons is as follows.
      Pve players farm quietly and get a rating with a chance of being killed. No crystal penalty.
      Pvp players fight each other if they want (I've seen players gather on the boss and fight without traps and mobs).
      It's fair.

      Making the player run around wearing a sword/crossbow and the mage robe is stupid.

      If you add penalties, then for crystals and unsuccessful intrusions, if the enemy is kicked out.
      And the fines should be reasonable.

      Now, when you die at +300k infamy, you lose about 100k infamy. It's a couple of hours of farming.
      It makes no sense to go to such a pvp.

      Sbi do not break this update. So far so good. And I'm more than happy with it.

      There is content for groups. There is content for pve. There is content for solo pvp.
      But the rats are not happy that they cannot kill normal pveshers (like me) and they scream.

      (if that I do not have time to answer all messages)
      (I have no discord or anything else besides an albion online account)
      (do not get fooled if they write to you on my behalf in guild or somewhere else)
      I a fine with what you said. The only objection I have is, if you choose to pve with a low rate of pvp, then you're rewards should be substantially less. Why should the player who clicks at the beginning of the dungeon have equal rewards to those who just rat and run around? When the player clicks to activate pvp at the start of the dungeon rewards in the dungeon should be increased substantially b/c they are "choosing" to take on more risk.
    • This Russian rat confessed that he finally started PVPing in the "new PVP corrupted dungeons" and got his ass handed to him, lost a bunch of infamy, got salty and deleted his account. A hundred more like him are ready to take his place until the entire concept of CDs is revamped.