Android Auto-update not working again

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    • Android Auto-update not working again

      Good morning to ever1
      Once more I can't Simply click in the udpate bottom shown in the Loading screen. Links never work and nothing happens. Actually it opens my browser and drives me to the udpate site but... stand still. :/
      Does anyone having same? Please let me know how to udpate. ;(
      Let me know if you will need any further info.
      Thanks have fun all
    • Hey there,

      we are currently releasing several hotfixes for the Known Issues. With the current way how updating on mobile devices work, it unfortunately will eventually require you to download it again. Not all hotfixes will require you to do it though.

      To update your mobile client, you will have to completely uninstall the game and delete the install .apk from your phone, and then go to our website and download it again. If you still have issue with the installation, eject your SD card (if you're using one) and install the game directly on the phone.

      Should your issues persist, let us know about the model you're using and which version your phone is running.
    • Good morning all
      Once again I Will have to uninstall and download the whole game? Since the patch update doesnt work for Android. Its 2.3GB plus configuring profile again.
      Frustrating and time consuming! One week playing and this is the third time it happens.
      Loving the game and would support new developments but now wondering if it is worthy. Dont want to keep removing and installing the game every hotfix you make.