corrupted dungeons are terrible.

    • corrupted dungeons are terrible.

      Too much pve, this is supposed to be for 1v1 PVP.

      way too many gimmicks, unkillable demon version of the keeper spinny lightning thing, all the bat bombs, the slow frogs, bosses, etc. the majority of my fights revolved around a ratting build trying to wind wall me into these/adds/bosses, or fleeing with out of combat regen.

      why is out of combat regen a thing in this?

      the crystals are pretty dumb too, at least its a counter to getting kited but, if they are faster they wont let you leave to break them...

      i dont need regen food to do 2v2 hellgates without a healer, why do i need it for the 1v1"hellgates"? adds are way overtuned, 900 recommended IP for mid tier, LOL.
      easier to clear solo dungeons than this crap, but im not here for the PVE so why are you making me do MORE pve?

      they take way too long, too much time chasing people in ratting builds or people trying to reset a failed engage.

      invades should just plop both people into a duel sized area, with room to kite outside but like duels, you count as fleeing. once the timer hit 0, you should die.

      like duels, there should be no out of combat HP regen.

      add a movement speed bonus towards fleeing players, or remove stand time on autos, or something, dear god it just feels so bad to actually play.

      i unsubbed, between this trash and the changes to SRDS , solo PVP in this game is hot fucking garbage.

      im wholeheartedly convinced one of the devs is a ratter.
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    • are you kidding me a seperate arena? If you stay outside you die? I could just make a heavy cc build and keep people out of bounds until they die. I think we can agree that's much worse than the current state of things. I think the new update is fantastic solves a lot of issues. Yes it has its own problems but did you really expect an update yo come out and be perfect and make everyone happy? Well if you did this must be your first mmo lol. There is always outcry in a community after a major update or change. Doubtful many changes will be made. Best to get over it and adapt.

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    • I like the Idea of 1 vs 1 Dungens. My recommendation are nerfing the too strong 1 vs 1 builds.
      In my opinion nature healers, deathgivers and curse staffs are too strong.

      -My recommendation is to reduce the heal power of healing staffs if you target yourself. Maybe self heal sould heal only be 60-70 % of the normal heal (when you heal another player.)

      If this would ruin 5 vs 5 fights, then make the corrupted dungens have an anti heal debuff, so only healers inside the corrupted dungens have less heal power, if this is possible.

      The second weapon which is way to strong are deathgivers. Maybe add a stealth penelty, as it was been added for heals and stuns. If a player have healed himself, the second heal in a short row will heal a bit less and a second stun in a row will stun the player for shorter ammount of time. Should be the same with stealth.

      if you use an assasin jacket and after it your hellion shoes, the invis should be much shorter.

      The third op weapon are cursed staffs. They should be reworked.
    • Tabor wrote:

      Haha yes @Obelis look at this post above. Kid just made a character on purpose to show you how ridiculous Corrupted dungeons are. Man that guy is going to be a legend. Brand new character leading leader boards with 0 kills. Awesome.
      Leading a "1v1 pvp content" leader bord with 0 kills XD
      Just like me and some other players sayd when see that announcements with shards and circled map.

      They should just change the name of it as "rat PvE dungeon" and same for leaderboard, to fix all the corrupted dungeon design mistakes.

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    • Hyrkali wrote:

      I wanted to immortalize that :
      i pve pIayer
      me not need pvp

      dont cry

      I don't want to fight with rats. So I just kick you out.
      I created an account specifically for this dungeon.
      If the rats continue to scream, I will take the pvp build as all rats love (hit and run).

      If that I have 100/100 and 10kk free experience

      arch hi, 3h and i come to your guiId xD

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