• PvP fame means nothing and gives nothing.

      So what a problem is here? Just a guy who trade silver for PvP fame.
      Same as buy tomes to trade silver for PvE fame.

      Is it not legal?
      Or you think this PvP fame is not as good as 10 mil fame for killing t8 ox with 10 players by camping YZ map exit?
      Yea, you soo god at PvP - you killed the t8 ox with guy who cant move by in 10 v 1! Now you good at pvp - here is your 10mil pvp fame.

      But omg you killed 2+ players in t8+ gear solo? Ahaha here is your 300k PvP fame, just as good as you did in that fight.

      PvP fame will mean nothing untill the inventory items gives PvP fame.
      Its mean something just for PvPenus numbers fappers, who got they PvP fame in glorious and challenging 10 v 1 ganks. So yes, its just mean you waste alot of time in 10 v 1 fights you can not lose.
      If someone think big PvP fame number = good at PvP or like to PvP - he is just an idiot, because everyone know there is nothing skilled or hard to kill ox with 10+ party
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