Top 1 items for Corrupted Dungeon

    • i'm just trolling about great nature staff, they're in a terrible state but it's fun how some new players still think it's op in 1v1 (Gime back my dots SBI ! fuck your stupid thorn). As countering Crossbow, cleanse, cleric robe, any skill with invul (i use my mace e ofc you have to time it well and you will fail sometime)'s a strong 1v1 weapon but you can beat it.
    • Bukem wrote:

      I mean, the two weapons you mentrioned as doing well against you are strong dive weapons with gap closers. You can add claymore / bloodletter / dual swords / carving / dagger pair / deathgivers/ bear paws (kinda) / 1-h spear to the list, especially with a guardian helm to cleanse the bomb
      On top of that, you can take advantage of the lack of mobility and cc to play the attrition game - things like 1h curse / permafrost / 1h fire / warbow etc. can use their superior mobility / utility to play around ranges and resets to win over time, especially with xbow q-spam being so mana intensive (and if they don't run Lymhurst, even more so)

      Crossbow excels against people who just like to run in and hit all their buttons and hope they do more damage - since the majority of players suck & treat fights like a duel where you lose if you go out the circle, this happens all too often, but it doesn't mean it's OP
      Actually, xbow Q is not mana intensive at all. It deals massive damage, has low cooldown, and mana cost is negligible - you hit Q few times and the person is dead. Even if you miss lot of them, the damage can´t be ignored.

      Fighting the war of atrition again Xbow is literally the Worst idea you can do. The Q hits really god damn hard, the E as well - which has 15 seconds, and thetford cape for a tad bit to poke.

      You fight war of atrition again xbow and you are dead.

      How you kill xbow is that you go HARD. You gotta pressure him and hope he misses his Q skillshots, force him to make mistakes by pressuring.

      So far, i died to very aggressive people only, or out of being too greedy. Those who play war of atrition always die.
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    • iRawr wrote:

      yiconomics wrote:

      iRawr, I challenge you to duel. You use bloodletter, I use Crossbow, We bet 50M.
      Nice opportunity for free 50 mil, but i am not a bloodletter player, and have 0 spec and 0 skill in it.But you can see the corrupted dungeon ranked list, with recent kills of players, and here you can see bloodletter players got alot of 1h xbows/xbows in they kills, but 1h xbows almost don't have bloodletter players in they kills.
      And i am pretty sure there is a reason for it.

      The difference between me and you is that I'm max spec in both bloodletter and crossbow. You "Think" whereas I "know."
      You will never know until you max them both and see how much more powerful crossbow is over the bloodletter, because if your'e 0 spec in both then you have no clue.
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    • DeathMaestro wrote:

      yiconomics wrote:

      iRawr, I challenge you to duel. You use bloodletter, I use Crossbow, We bet 550M.
      Lmao how does a bloodletter die to a crossbow!. Your chainslash makes you invincible against the light xbow E + you got guardian helm + you only need to get them down below 40% to press E and win + you can use plate armor
      If you make video where you block light crossbow E damage with ChainSlash at least 7/10 times I’ll donate you 100mil if silver
      One more theory crafter even didn’t play daggers before post such crap