Please developers, add this control to the game

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    • Please developers, add this control to the game

      I can't use the classic control system mouse as the character walks when you press both buttons of the mouse,because he hurts other characters and can get hit by AOE damage, and on RTS he walks though the right mouse button, but not too convenient, because it's right click attack is also not convenient to run away from damage, please make a separate control system or tab, make your character walk to one mouse button, and beat the other, and awkward, and trust me, beginners this system as it is now not too comfortable and I ask not to write here like "get Used to it", my answer is, no, if management is not easy, it is better to play on easy, write my request to the developers, and please add this feature, because the phone even easier to play, but on PC it glitches! Please add. And I'm sorry, I don't know much english

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    • Firstly, my request to the developers, and secondly, read better, I wrote that to get used to the difficult control will not it is better to use easy at once elements,and so studied elements, I wrote that it is better to do so he went to the right button and beat the left mouse button and not on both to go, so AOE damage to get the so to get used will not be better just to easy to do, so my request to the developers