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      I think it would be a good time to fix that of the poster that is in the game, that all users know that it exists but no action was taken ... That is an anti-game practice. I suggest that you can only have one store per IP in each city, so they will mostly end the problem.

      I say IP because we all know about multi-accounts.I hope that some developer or someone important takes that seriously, because that became ridiculous and can load the gaming experience of some that we will never have the opportunity to have a store.

      Just a player tired of that abuse. || ||
    • E como quedaría el bonus el transporte y todo lo demás?? me parece muy fuerte que un juego como ese que tenga una practica de esa, que algunos clanes grandes se benefician de elle y los demás a quedarse con ganas... es ridículo llegar a la ciudad y ver que no hay competencia, sino un cartel, que dita los precios, y se te fijas son siempre los mismo que tienen tiendas en todas las ciudades.
      Se algún GM ve eso, por favor, eso es anti-juego.

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      1. And how would the bonus be the transport and everything else? It seems very strong to me that a game like that that has a practice of that, that some large clans benefit from it and the others to stay with the desire ... it is ridiculous to arrive in the city and see that there is no competition, but a cartel , which gives the prices, and you notice they are always the same as the stores in all cities.If any GM see that, please, that's anti-gaming.
      2. If any GM see that, please, that's anti-gaming.

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