Simple Feedback. I LOVE THE NEW UPDATE!

    • Simple Feedback. I LOVE THE NEW UPDATE!

      All the new features are VERY COOL! The rewards are awesome! But you managed to compensate it with some intelligent silver sinks, that great! :D . The roads are BEYOND AWESOME! Just that ppl started camping the gates and gankers are all over the place, but I guess that´s just some side effects that stem from the launch. Corrupted Dungeons feel great! I can choose if I want to fight my opponent or not! It is dream like XD. The dawnsong is so cool! I am using one for today´s ZvsZ, can´t wait to see how it works in that situation. Using 1H dagger feels a bit strange now. Maybe because it is just as any other weapon now, but seriously, the nerf still feels kinda harsh, but hey, I can promise I won´t solo group content with it anymore XD. The icons of the portals to the roads are still a bit annoying; too big. I got lost inside the roads today, it was a cool experience tbh, I like it that way. I can go to the Outlands confident now, knowing that there won´t be a bunch of newbie gankers with 3 RAVENS dismounting me that easy, you did a great job with this one SBI! Probably there is some stuff to balance yet, but I adore it so far! Thank you devs, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
      Staff of Balance is not dead! Royal March was* :)
    • Psyopy wrote:

      Nice one carebear!! Soon it will be just you and others like you playing this game. You will all have fun together and chat and emote.

      Hi, i understand your concern. But the steam charts show a good view is what is happening so far.

      The Queen updates has bring in more people playing the game. Whether the Avalon update will bring more people, we still don't know. Only time will tell. But I believe if SBI continue to move in the direction to also pve players more opportunities to play the game without being disturbed by the pvp players, it will definitely cause the population to grow.

      More people play means more buying premium and buying gold. SBI wins, you win, I win, everyone also win. It's a win win situation for all of us. With this Avalon update, pve players can have the chance to play their game without getting disturb by pvp players. Pvp players can go pk in the corrupt dungeons and Avalon regions. Things remain unchanged and life goes on for everybody. I think this is the best for everybody.

      P.S. I also think that if the blue zone and yellow zone RD timer can be reduced to 10 sec and the red zone and black zone SD timer can be reduced to 15 sec, it will be better. Let the pve players play in peace without getting disturbed by others. We will continue to spend more money to support this game.