New patch same old problems

    • New patch same old problems

      Come enjoy small content play!!!! Was geared up to check out this content as I do not want to be part of a major alliance and was thrilled to see this content was for me!

      Took all of 2 hours to figure out that is a load of shit. "Away from the hustle and bustle of big alliances". Well I would have to disagree since there was 20 some people guarding every exit roads all with battle mounts. This is another huge disappointment and really starting to feel strongly that the developers of this game will never be able to create a game with any sort of balance.

      This patch was meant for small scale play was debunked in under 2 hours. This is pathetic and question why i am bothering to be apart of this community. Either small scale players are your only content for end game like sheep to wolves, or you unintentionally are horrible game designers. Either way I am upset with time wasted on your failed design.

      Please stop listening to whoever is driving this bus and turn it the fuck around.

    • I mean bro the patch has been out for what 8 hours of course its going to be loaded with players because everyone wants to checkout the new stuff, Also if you want a fair 1v1 do the new dungs, But I'm willing to bet in a few weeks the roads will cool off a lot on the big groups. Of course there will be ganking of course but It will be smaller groups, Just want to add that there are some roads with only small gates going in and they seem to be better atm then the 7 man gates but still like I said new content of course its going to be crazy for a bit.
    • Psyopy wrote:

      Uhm since dungeon diving has been removed, what do you think all those people that dove are gonna do? That's right, they're gonna GANK IN GROUPS. Good luck getting around.
      And how did they gank before? Let me answer this for you, cause it might come as a suprise - In groups.

      New content will chill in a couple of weeks, like said above. The rewards there are not that great to keep waiting on the portal timer to get more ppl in, it's gonna chill out & then it's gonna slowly turn into what it was ment to be.
      Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can't see...
    • OP is right if there is value in the roads megas will be there.

      Small scale content is large scale content unless there are less rewards, low rewards mean splitting it isnt worth thus less people bring bigger rewards.

      small scale content is rough i feel u OP. but i would look to faction outposts, cgvg, hellgates, avalonian dungeons, all these are best with small groups anyone who brings more wastes their time.

      Roads would work better if an item, a key if you will, opened the roads and/or they would not show on the map.
    • as long as here are easy delivery system from black season point zones to "casual" zones there will always be these problems.

      I have seen time and time again developers try to release a content and players break that. From chest ratting to ZVZ zone lockouts and everything in between.

      This game would be an easy fix to bring 2-3 tier system expand the map verticaly instead of horizontly. As the Mercia guilds basicaly never went to Anglia the same would happen. This bring my to my orginal point is either this is by design for end game content and we are just sheeps or whoever is decission maker is so bad at forsight that they will never have a real workable game