Best way to make lots of money?

    • Because this game has a true economy that exists on supply/demand, very few will give you tips because once you are doing it demand goes down and it's not as profitable. Running trading routes between cities can be very profitable (or so I've heard, I'm too lazy to do it).
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    • Depending on your investment horizon you can do many things
      For "quick gain", you could transport faction hearts.
      For "middle term gain" you could build an/many islands and get some workers and supply books to them.
      For "long term gain" you could hoard some skins/rare items and sell them at a later time.

      In general, you have to assess risk vs reward, time frame and how many times the investment will pay itself. Some investments will run again and again forever without much of additional investment (like books) and others will sit there and dissapear when you liquidify them (like skins/rare hoarding). In addition you could boost a crafting branch (either on your main or an alter) to generate income that way.

      Knowledge is your best tool here, because knowing things can make you a lot of silver in the long run.