• Transmutation

      Can we all agree transmutation of a material 1 tier up for silver is a joke.

      It fixes the market price based of transmute prices.

      I remember when skinning T5s paid better than skinning t6.1 bring back the player driven economy. If T5 skins get pricey people just take T4 and pay the transmute cost. removing the demand for the harder to get mats.
    • I was skeptical of the T5 transmute price, but it's solved a lot more problems than it created. Before the change T4 resources were overly abundant and the reason that T5 was so expensive is that there wasn't enough in the game to meet demand. Enchanted resources like 6.1 were all undervalued because we had the terrible 1x transmutation price making them all less valuable than flat resources relative to their IV.

      T5 resources are still valuable to. It is just that when supply or demand gets wonky they don't skyrocket to 800-900 silver a piece like hide and rock did occasionally. If a resources is going to have increased demand by the games mechanics I think T4 getting the extra demand, and putting more silver into newer players pockets, is the better alternative. Far superior to T5 being over valued because the resource layouts in the game weren't balanced super great.

      The big losers are the yellow zone T8 gatherers, and I don't have any respect for them. Aside from that, it's a little awkward that you can virtually transport 40k+ T5 raw on a Mammoth by moving T4 raw and transmuting it when you get to your destination.
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