Is there any way to change a character's name?

  • Blenfjorn wrote:

    Perfect example of this. A player named Maigic looted her friend's chest this past week. It contained a bunch of HCE stuff, maybe worth about 500 million silver. She was called out by some streamers, and I outed her to 10,000+ members of the HCE Discord. Her guild kicked her, and she received a lot of pressure from a lot of people. She ended up returning the items. But her name is ruined and she said she will never play that character again and is changing to an alt. If this idea was put in place, she could simply change her name, and practically erase her miss-deeds.
    I get your point.
    We addressed that already though. You just need to be able to see the character past names ingame.
    Put some shiny marker on the character profile or whatever.

    I get that this is your opinion, and you have mine :D
    Can someone just close this thread already?
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