Gathering resources - tip for beginners

    • Gathering resources - tip for beginners

      Using a mount like the Journeyman's Transport Ox (or a better one) you can transport an amount of cargo at least 10 times greater than usual.

      This allows your character, even when dismounted, to handle this weight while working within the distance of the Ox limited by the radius of the visible circle

      More detailed information about characteristics (such as capacity, speed and others) of the mounts you have in

    • Yes, but my purpose in this article was just to introduce beginners like me, not just the usefulness of the Ox Transport as to have attention the Ox distance issue, because the slow down of you character speed. As for the respawn question, what do I is to determine in each area a good script with the good gathering areas that I have been to "revisit" them in periodically while I am in that region of the map.
    • FrankTartarinni wrote:

      OK, good advice also for me, as beginner i am.
      By now i do not have any ambitions to go to PVP areas and even Black Zone while i not be able to upgrade my character
      SO as you say the matter to survive in that areas is the mount speed, that means the solution to have the faster mount ?

      Thanks for your reply Lord Gabumon
      Well, most people will combine a fast mount with escape abilities from gathering gear + escape weapon, but fast mounts have low weight capacity. You have some "fast-ish" mounts like Spectral Boar too but that's sometimes not enough against really mobile ganking mounts. Finding the right balance in the mount, the bag and the time you spend in a map is absolutely key, and learning how to escape a dire situation.
    • I'm a pretty experienced gather at this point and I only gather in the BZ and RZ and prefer to use a Swiftclaw. Here is why:

      - Carry weight is reduce. I off set this somewhat by using a higher tier bag and switching my shoe's passive ability to Carry Weight. I will also bring along a pie in-case I found some good nodes so I can get a 30 minute boost to my carry weight.
      - More expensive to buy then an Ox or Horse. Depending on the Market they go for between 100K - 180K. When you start collecting T5 and higher resources, this amount can be made back in one 15 to 30 minute run.

      - I've escaped more gankers then I can count due to the higher escape speed. This can more then make up for the higher purchase price since I don't need to re-purchasing gear + lost loot.
      - Less expensive then a Spectral Boar and other unique mounts. Last I checked Spectral Boars go for 1.8 Million silver, but it's been a week or two. Also, unique mounts put a big target on your back since it is advertising something expensive other players want to take. Key to gathering is to keep moving and not stand out.
      - When using a mount that gankers prefer like the Swiftclaw, gankers will sometimes hesitate before attacking to make sure your gear/skill isn't to high. This extra time can often give you the space to escape.

      Overall it can suck making a few more trips back and forth using the Swiftclaw, but not dying and losing everything every other trip can more then make up for that in added silver. And as I stated above there are ways to increase you carry load. A few final tips for my beginning gatherers out there. Try not to gather during peak playing times, always keep your mount right next to you for a quick get away (every second counts), and if you see a red name pop up assume they are a ganker and run.

      Good luck.

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    • Thank you for the long and thoughtful responses. Your information and comments will help me and other players when we are in higher tiers.
      My original Post was only intended to guide newcomers players as i am.
      I think that mounts as Spectral Boar are a bit ahead of begginers players. But as i said before your comments will help us in the next steps.

      Really glad about your replies