Foot kissing simps from Bacon to Eggs

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    • Foot kissing simps from Bacon to Eggs

      It is the desire. No. The pure lust for silver that drives me. Always crave more and more. Even if it means to take it from those most vulnerable. That is how I met Abdos from Bacon Bits. He had just been slain in battle and relieved of his belongings. Who knew that when the overseers sent him back alive and well to the city of Bridgewatch, that his sorrows would only becomes greater. That was what would happen sadly, as he foolhardily accepted a bet from the Greedy girl waiting for his arrival.

      The battle was swift, with an outcome even worse for young Abdos than the death he experienced just moments earlier.

      Abdos was distraught. Willing to do anything to get back his silver. Even willing to do the most humbling act imaginable in front of the good people of Bridgewatch.

      I would have respected him a lot more if he told me to go to hell and storm off. I had to let him know how I felt about him at this point in time.

      Then I reminded him of what exactly led to his actions.

      The towns people began to take pity on Abdos.

      So it was time to put the young simp out of his misery, with an assist from a good Samaritan.

      Which left Abdos with a moment to reflect. And ask himself one burning question.

      That concludes the story of the meeting of the Greedy Chick and the foot kissing Bacon bit simp. However, my lust for more silver remains eternal.
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    • From Bacon to Eggs! You can't make this stuff up! After some time away from the game, and being kicked out of my first guild :( I returned and quickly found a new family to represent. With my new guild affiliation, it was time to start raising some silver again the only way I know how. ;)

      Today I ran into Borobia23 with the Eggs alliance. Much like Abdos, this guy was killed and had his possessions removed from him, but our good overseers sent him home to Bridgewatch with another chance at life. Naturally I was there waiting to offer a modest wager.

      My friendly challenge was accepted, but my new acquaintance changed his mind immediately and began to run off during the countdown.

      That made me confused. But also happy.

      After this crushing defeat, he was forced to KISS de feet. :evil:

      Borobia23 turned out to be quite the multitasker. He also used this time for some guild recruiting while smooching away.

      After alternating back and forth from smooching and guild recruiting, he decided it best to prioritize the task at hand.

      One of Bridgewatch's residents witnesses this transpiring and decides to share his thoughts about Borobia23.

      The shame became too much to bear, and Borobia23 decided to stop. This angered me. X(

      He stood up and refused to continue, realizing that his actions were getting him nowhere. So I shamed him with one last act that got a laugh from another resident of Bridgewatch.

      Soon after, Borobia23 stormed off and sent me some really nasty whispers that I will hold back on sharing. But they were really mean. ;(

      Since I am not completely selfish, I did agree to give him back 2 million. I kept the rest for myself, because I love silver. :love: <3 <3