• That will never happen as long as Albion remains the same game that it is right now.
      If the influx of new players (the easy victims) is redirected elsewhere, there would be less content overall for Albion's player base. The casual ganking squads that progress by killing of new players will be left with no one to kill. They are already inferior in skills to the real PvP-ers in the game and might die every now and then but once you cut off the supply of new and inexperienced players to the game, it will become dead with little to no PvP activity. This is one of the reasons why the Trailer "In a world where everybody matters" misrepresents the actual PvP in the game and Albion's Home page does not mention anything about the game being full loot PvP. They need more and more people that don't know anything about the game.

      The game's existance is literally clinging on the many people who do not want to do PvP. Korn has stated that a strong safe zone foundation is crucial for the long term development of the game in this thread:…Casual-Debate-Our-Stance/
      However, the fact that today, 5 years later, people are doing dungeons in black zones with scouts means that they feel forced into PvP zones to do PvE content. This is so because Albion doesn't have a strong safe zone foundation. The game is lacking a crucial fundamental part which explains some of the problems it currently has. This server cannot sustain itself on its own. Until this problem has been fixed an Indonesia server is nothing but a dream.
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    • There are plenty of warnings in game about full loot pvp zones before you enter them. Though I do agree for all end game content you are forced into these zones. there are the options though of Hard core expeditions; these are completely safe just like a blue zone. Albion is a game meant to be risk=reward overall. I personally have no issue with that. That is coming from someone who is horrible at solo pvp or even small scale pvp.
      My Suggestion to anyone that is new to the game and needs to enter full loot zones to make more money. start slow with red zones and work your way up to black zones. The biggest things is Do NOT wear anygear that you cannot afford to replace.