ATTN: Customer service:Account recovery

  • ATTN: Customer service:Account recovery

    I really hate to take this to the forums, but here it is.

    I had to open multiple tickets about losing access to my recovery information regarding 2 accounts and now I am unable to log in to the third as well.

    I sent in my information after it was requested via ticket and email, but it's been about 5 days since it was opened and my ticket still has not been resolved.

    A customer service agent closed some of the tickets and I have not heard back since before this last weekend started.

    I really wanted to be able to play the gold market before it crashes again and finally make a return to Albion.

    I think I've been really patient up to this point.

    Please respond to my ticket!

  • Poor customer service response//response time


    I've been waiting over 5 days for a response to my ticket and now it's affecting my ability to make money in game.

    I planned on returning to the game, but this slow response time is screwing me over financially in game and that's just depressing when you're trying to return to an mmo.

    I'm seriously disappointed in this level of customer service and it's a huge let down that's preventing me from enjoying the game.

    I'm locked out of my accounts and already provided a response with all information requested.