Report Bug !

    • Report Bug !

      Hello Albion staff, a warm greeting.
      I identify myself, I am an online albion player, Luisjose088

      I am writing to make a complaint.
      I explain this is the case.

      I was transporting my nick in albion is Luisjose088I was zoning Hightree Portal East "Lymhusrt" with my Transport Mammoth, there are some gankers positioned at the place where the invisibility is taken, they notice that I go down to take the invisibility, they use their chain skill, with their guardian armor of the grave, they push him back, then another player activates his robe of fear and pushes me enough to make me zone again to Wachwood Precipice where other gankers are already waiting for them, and end up killing him.The complaint that I make formal is: although it is true that the gank is part of the game, it is even one of the things that I most practical in the game,they are taking advantage of a BUG in which once the player is dismounted they apply the chain to him and they do all the procedure that I mentioned before and they make him return to the map where he came from and, failing that, they return him and he is left without the protective shield.

      Watching the video over and over, he observed that once the player is invisible, he is left without a shield, that is, "he is vulnerable to enemy skills, since he loses his bubble".Knowing this, they are taking advantage and exploiting the game, since the players usually go down to take their invisibility with full confidence that nothing will happen to them.While it is true that those changes that were placed with this patch were to give greater security to those who are coming to the portals. well it is unfortunate to see Players like these applying this type of thing is really unfortunate.Thank you for your attention and I hope you can help my friend with your case.
      It would be very happy for many if it were possible to reintegrate the lost mammoth and the things that he had in his inventory.Well unfortunately he trusted getting off there and that nothing would happen to him, and well I end up dying because of a little BUG that I know you are going to solve, I have no doubt about that ..On the other hand, it would also be a joy for those involved in this case to do this type of things badly done, be penalized, or banned. since in an ad that you placed a while ago explaining this type of thing that people do not abuse, and they are doing it anyway.I add the tests and part of the names of the players involved in making this type of BUG

      video of death:

      Note: Without adding this, the affected player is somewhat unmotivated and alluded to by the situation.But I am fully confident that you will be able to resolve this situation, since my Mammoth was Trashed and 60% of the materials were lost.Thanks again for your attention and I await your prompt response.
      Att: Luisjose088
    • Can we take action on the guys that abused this exploit? You got the kill board and the names. SBI, time to ban them. Fry guild.... also consider kicking these exploiters out of your guild so your name won’t be tainted.

      You got the video evidenced, should be concrete enough to decide a ban decision based on this. (Mind you: they abused this exploit after the official post denouncing this action as an exploit. Check date stamps)