Simple but very effective suggestions [Contains Some Bugs]

    • Simple but very effective suggestions [Contains Some Bugs]

      Hello Albion Community, I play this game for 20 days now and i love it so i'm here to share some of my experience and thoughts so far.

      Sorry for my english :)

      - Some Bugs found:
      1. Silver pickup SFX, it plays on click not on pick, So if you have 2 or 3 stacks of silvers close to each other and you are sound guy you will get confused. Example: try to click a stack of silver many time fast before it destroys and do the transaction to your inventory you will hear the pick up SFX several times.
      2. Dungeon traps health bar is very buggy! Example: if the trap activated before you get too close to it or reseted after you ran away there's a chance when you attack them the health bar wont show up. [Traps like the box which throws fire balls, the statue which summons birds and the rock which make 3 lighting beams rotating etc ..]
      3. Some objects in dungeon have particles, when the object go hidden after the camera gets too close to it, the particle wont hide.
      4. Expandation reward alert 90% of times it comes twice, Example: it alerts that you got 4k silver then 1 sigil then alert again that you got another 4k silver and another sigil.
      5. When mob resets sometime it appears in a wrong position in the player screen and it doesn't take damage nor engage you need to keep moving around until he appears in the right position after he decide to engage and hit you.
      6. Some objects and effects in the water doesn't go away and stays forever, i mean while fishing.. There's a screen shot attached for this point shows the problem...
      7. Sometime when you enter a house you will find the labor in T pose until you click him to trigger the cheering animation. There's a screen shot attached for this point shows the problem...
      - Some Suggestions:

      1. Loot drop visual, PLEASE make new model or use more noticeable model to show the loot drops, the red particle and this ugly bag isn't enough with your huge irregular terrain, Some time the loot dropped is not noticeable at all, i'm sure if checked the stats of loot drop pickup you will find more than 30% left behind, Also if the loot model gives a feeling if its some garbage runes or an epic item like undead cape it would be much appreciated :) There's a screen shot attached for this point shows the problem...
      2. Mobs Focus, Can you tell me where the mob target list take its effect ? when the mob loses his focus he doesn't switch to the next closest player he simply resets and runs away to the position where he started engaging, this is a huge defect in the mobs AI. Not sure if you meant it for some reason but its only my opinion and suggestion.
      3. Escape Button used by 90% of pc players, By making the UI pop ups system as a tree and escape button only closes the top and last opened pop up would make our life easier! Example: if you are navigating market and you clicked on item to check its skills or description then clicked the resource icon in its recipe then click escape button then boom everything has been closed you need to click the market again and this is only one scenario !
      4. If i'm mounted and then Pressed A to dismount myself then pressed A again to mount up it will act like the mount isn't already summoned and will take the whole time to summon it again, why if im in the mount range or just dismounted my self it mounts fast when i press A like when i click on my mount ? as long as my mount is already summoned and there standing beside me ? why is this ? because you are dismounting us in every NPC action we take, like crafting, refining and the most worst at repairing, 10% of the players inside each city are beside the repair NPC, its hard to see your mount and click it, so people easily click A to mount again and it takes to long to mount using A.
      Thank you for reading my humble first post :rolleyes:
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