Fame Buff

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    • Hello everyone,
      I apologize for my English as it is not my native language. If there are errors you can blame Google translate.

      Since in this game there is a lot things to level up, I suggest that every week there is a combat buff for one weapon and one armor piece, crafting buff for one weapon and one armor piece and one farming buff (only one for farming, rising animals or food crafting).

      Buff would be small one 5% (maybe 10%) and it would go only towards that mastery (specialization) but it would rotate every week.

      For example:

      5% more combat fame towards greataxe mastery (specialization) if you use greataxe, 5% more combat fame towards mage sandals mastery (specialization) if you use mage sandals,
      5% more crafting fame towards one hand sword mastery (specialization) if you craft one hand swords, 5% more combat fame towards mining boots mastery (specialization) if you craft mining boots,
      5% more farming fame towards carrots mastery (specialization) if you farm carrots,
      next week it would be something else.

      This way players could be encouraged to use different items (items that we don't see that often in game)
    • I would say that this wouldn't do what you want it to do.
      Giving more fame to an underutilized weapon won't make it more famed because there's usually a reason. The only time this would be relevant is if a) the buff randomly fell on something you wanted to use or b) the buff fell on a popular fame farming weapon anyway.
      Same with crafting. People aren't going to magically start crafting something because you make it give more fame. They're probably going to stick to crafting items that sell well and they have good spec in.