Lag issues during NA time for over a week now

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    • zerfaxx wrote:

      it's hard packet loss
      He's right you know... It's 10s of literal dead air followed by everyone that isn't in NA jumping 30ft and the NA players either still standing where they were or waking up dead. It makes even pve unplayable and pvp is completely out of the question. Oddly the mobile client seems to be unaffected. Ping stays even during these spells. Constant ping to level3 dns server stays steady at 15-30ms. No bad hops in my route to, nothing over 60ms before it dies bc doesn't respond to icmp. It is also no isolated to the west coast area. I am in the southeast and I'm getting the same thing.

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    • I have simmilar problem.

      What happend?

      Near 0:0 UTC my ping is rice up from 30ms to 45-50ms (green ping stable)
      But this what happend in the game is f***** joke. Lags from 1 to even 5s stable. Ping green very low but lagging like hell.
      Near 2:30 ping is going down from 45-50 to 30ms. Any issues.

      I check this on 2 diffrent computers. Thisame happend with other 2 players in team. All NA.

      I try check ping with outside program and ping was stable any problems. When I checked ping on Ping test meter in albion show lags with red ping like 200-999ms and this I understand.
      Bat what the hell is happend with stable green ping 45ms and lagging even for 5s sometimes kick from the game?
    • Next evening and next shit. 0:30 UTC ping rise to 45 and start be madness.
      On next 3 days I need buy premium for 5 characters but I must think about this. For this shit that is happen now I dont think so that I should pay any $,
      You know what is funny, On this time I have problem with open this forum :D. Any other webside work correcty and fast but now this forum load time is 5s, O morning everything was good

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    • I'm having the same thing from roughly 00:20UTC to around 03:00UTC.

      Every person I know with the same lag problem has comcast/xfinity and lives in the US. The strange part about it is I normally sit around 80-90 ping but it spikes to 105-115 ping but in reality It's worse then having 500 or 600 ping and makes literally every part of Albion unplayable even though it's only a 15 ping increase.
    • Nah wrote:

      The strange part about it is I normally sit around 80-90 ping but it spikes to 105-115 ping
      I'm having the same problem currently... usually I sit at 50 ping... I'm only up around 5 ping currently and everything is green but like someone else said it feels like hard packet loss. Don't even want to go into a RZ or BZ right now....
    • Same problem here, NA player. Every night at around 8pm EST for the last week or more, the game is unplayable. Xfinity here in MA. It seems to be an northern east coast thing. Have some friends in Florida but are not experiencing it nearly as bad.

      Game freezes for up to 5 or 10 seconds at a time and then catches up. Makes doing just about anything in game impossible. Whats weird is my Ping and MS doesnt change much at all. Average about 40 ping and 3.0-5.0 MS and when the problem starts my ping jumps to about 50. MS stays roughly the same. Annoying to say the least
    • The trace results are meaningless. Those systems resolve but are configured to not respond to icmp. Thats all it means. If it had 3k response times or some loss mixed in that'd be different, but it's 100% loss then continues on to the next hop. That's, for sure, because icmp response is disabled.

      I think the issue is probably mostly due to the colossal growth in player base with little to no expansion of resources available to whatever system all of NA pc clients are being piped through. The mobile client does not use the same servers as pc, and as a result does not display this behavior. The Linux client appears to hit a different login server, but is not exempt from the lag. Logically it's likely to be whatever is next after the login server that is shared between Linux and Windows but not mobile. What is that? When can we expect it to be upgraded replaced or have more resources allocated to it?

      Further note: All clients run fine when pushed through euro servers. This can be achieved with some dns trickery or a vpn. The 100+ms pings make that less of a solution and more of a proof of concept to me.

      @Korn This is still happening as of yesterday. Will test again tonight. Disruption should begin in ~3-5 hours.

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