B R A V E - is looking for new members!

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    • B R A V E - is looking for new members!

      I'm not going to copy and paste a post so ill be real with you guys.
      I'm looking for new players to join B R A V E. Vets are also welcome to join as i also need people in leadership so if that would suit you add me in game my username is FatPeon.
      I started this guild yesterday for new players and i want to make the game fun for them.

      IGN: FatPeon - Guild Leader of B R A V E
    • I will ask you some questions to see if the guild project and goals mix with the way i n intend to play.

      I am also a new player, less than 10 days with so9me experience in a similar game Rift ( Gathering - Crafting - Development of Armours and skills)

      How much is the guild tax ?
      That tax affects Market Transactions ?
      The Guild plans to have an island with facilities as Crafting Workshop ?
      I use Discord but i prefer to use just ingame chat because Albion and Discord at the same time slows down my computer.

      I would not like to join a guild and than leave because no matchs the way i play the game.

      Thank you FatPeon.