Newbie here. What advice would you give me to get started?

    • Newbie here. What advice would you give me to get started?

      I have already looked for some beginner's guides on YouTube. I'm playing the game with my brother and a friend, we're trying to do activities together.
      We tried expeditions but I think we need two more players to complete a group. We also tried 2v2 lesser hellgates which are really cool, but couldn't finish one because we got PKed three times lol. routerlogin 192.168.l.l

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    • I started quite recently myself, almost 1 month in. So take this from a fellow new player.

      -Dont wear what you can not afford to replace.
      -Dont be afraid to die.See your gear as ammo.
      -Don't be scared to take risks in going to the red/blackzones.
      -Find a guild that suits your playstyle, you can always leave and find a new guild if they are not what you though.
      -Most decent guilds have some sort of requirement to join. And will probably be doing some sort of "interview" on voice comms to get to know you.

      It's and MMO and is ment to be played with other. There is a lot to do solo. But solo activities are generally harder and more dangerous and will get easier once you get higher combat fame.

      Oh and not to forget, dont be afraid to die. It's part of the game. Try to learn from your death and think of ways to avoid it next time.
    • Leave starter Town asap.

      Unlock T4 asap

      Flip the market starter town - royal city, royal city to caerleon, between royal cities if it gets boring join community driven guild

      go into a Red/Black Zone on Ox in trash gear get ganked without anything valuable pn you

      Push multiple gathering types up (if you can with LP) get them all to T6 then decide what/if you want to gather anything at all.

      do 2v2 HGs in 4.0 gear for money and fame

      Only buy Premium after you have good understanding how to utilize all of the perks of it
      in the early game it's not mandatory to be successful having premium just making things more profitable in the end-game

      + Play for yourself not for a guild
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