Open new server in EU near (or in) Russia

    • Open new server in EU near (or in) Russia

      Really can't play ping 300 / if anyone know how to decrease ping (i'm not from USA) write bellow thx
      Used all program like fix ping and etc. but it doesnt work at all!!!
      Wanted to test black zone died 3 times in a raw vs 1 player LOOOOL cuz of ping i don't even see how he atacked T_T

      Is it hard to open new server? (now this game is popular) also many players from Russia and Europe.....
      so sad :thumbdown:
    • I can't watch more "gringos" vídeos with fucking 50 ping and have to play this game with 270+ping sometimes, ad really considering buy a exitlag subscription to see if i cant make it better.

      Btw, if you guys gonna split the server, the first consideration should be Brazil, the game will certainly explode here if you make it free to play and with 50 ping and strike a marketing campaign to it. We lack games with good connection and that have an big and active community here (also make your prices better, we are really fucked economically over here and we cant afford pay subscriptions even if we like to). SPECIALLY MMORPGs, look at BDO SA as an example.

      I know that your aim is to make a Global Server, and that is cool, but you can make another kind of servers, maybe incorporated to Albion, like a arena system, maybe pairing on sessions with someone hosting, so we can play along only with brazilians, from the same server without ping.

      Should also look to Arenas, should be more rewarding, and not everyone got a guild or a group, or even spec, disposed to go to gvg and crystal but should love get some fame, combat experiences and play some pvp without be outnumbered.
    • SpeedVonY wrote:

      So make a server in brazil so they play your game but you dont get any money from it, because they can’t afford?
      Wow, are you a businessman?
      Iam not a businessman, but seems pretty obvious to a regular person that if you charge high prices for something that isn't really necessary, the biggest part of people (majority poor) wont afford those things.
      You can make things more accessible and get more returns from it, we have shit ton of good examples from it, like Spotf. I can send an article that can helps even people with large amount of business knowledge.

      "Brazil’s price is the equivalent of €3.92 per month  –  on the low side  –  but its population of 211 million makes its addressable market worth €9.9 billion per year — nearly €1 billion larger than the United Kingdom"
      A good way to make business is on bulks, u should know that.